6 health benefits of wolfberry, one of which is surprising

The whole body of wolfberry is a treasure. Ming Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Pickling wolfberry leaves in spring, named Tianjingcao; picking flowers in summer, named longevity grass; picking seeds in autumn, named wolfberry, and picking roots in winter, named gupi”.

benefits of wolfberry

The leaves, flowers, and roots of wolfberry are also excellent food supplements. Modern medical research shows that it contains carotene, beetroot, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc. It has the pharmacological effects of increasing the activity of white blood cells, promoting the regeneration of liver cells, and also lowering blood pressure, Lower blood sugar and blood lipids.

benefits of wolfberry

Wolfberry can be taken all year round. It is recommended to make tea in summer, but it is better to make it in the afternoon, which can improve physical fitness and help sleep.

However, it should be noted that the wolfberry tea should not be combined with green tea. It is suitable for brewing with Gongju, honeysuckle, puffed sea and rock sugar. It is especially suitable for computer people who use their eyes too much. Wolfberry porridge is suitable for cooking in winter. It can be matched with various porridge products. Stewed lamb with wolfberry is also very suitable for winter consumption.

benefits of wolfberry

Chinese wolfberry has 6 health benefits
Modern research shows that wolfberry has the effects of lowering blood sugar, anti-fatty liver, and anti-atherosclerosis.

In addition, wolfberry is also a good medicine for strengthening the body, nourishing the essence and marrow, nourishing the yin and nourishing the kidney, replenishing qi and calming the nerves, strengthening the body, and delaying aging. It has significant effects on chronic hepatitis, central retinitis, optic nerve atrophy, etc.; anti-tumor, Protecting the liver, lowering blood pressure, and aging diseases of the elderly with organ decline have a strong improvement effect.

benefits of wolfberry
  1. Delay aging. Goji berry has been a nourishing and nourishing top grade since ancient times, and it has the effect of delaying aging and anti-aging, so it is also called “Laozi”.

The vitamin C content of wolfberry is higher than orange, the content of β-carotene is higher than that of carrot, and the iron content is higher than that of steak.

  1. Impotence. The aphrodisiac function played by wolfberry is surprising.
  2. Whitening and beauty. For women, eating wolfberry often can also whiten and beautify the skin.
  3. Nourish the liver and improve eyesight. Lycium barbarum is sweet and calm in nature and belongs to the liver and kidney meridian. It has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing liver and improving eyesight. It is often used with rehmannia, chrysanthemum, yam, cornus and other medicines.
  4. Replenishing deficiency and producing essence. Goji berries are treasures all over the body. Goji berries can nourish deficiency and produce essence. It can be used as medicine or for making tea, wine, and stewing soup. If it can be consumed regularly, it can strengthen the body.
  5. Anti-cancer. Lycium barbarum has a significant inhibitory effect on cancer cells in vitro, and can be used to prevent the spread of cancer cells and enhance the body’s immune function.
benefits of wolfberry

How much medlar to eat a day
Although wolfberry has good nourishing and healing effects. Do not overeat any tonic, and wolfberry is no exception.

Generally speaking, it is more appropriate for healthy adults to eat about 20 grams of wolfberry a day; if you want to have a therapeutic effect, it is best to eat about 30 grams a day.

10 grams: eyesight

15 grams: kidney

30 grams: weight loss

The best way to eat wolfberry
In winter, wolfberry is suitable for cooking porridge, which can be matched with various porridge products. There is also a simple way to eat wolfberry, which is to chew in the morning and evening. The advantage of chewing is that it can more fully absorb the nutrients in wolfberry.

The best combination of wolfberry
Chinese yam stewed wolfberry has a refreshing taste, low-fat and high-nutrient content, which indicates that the metabolism can achieve the purpose of beauty and has the effect of lowering blood lipids. Menopausal women should eat more.

What are the taboos of eating wolfberry
Suitable for the crowd: The most suitable people to eat wolfberry are people with weak physique and poor resistance, but they must eat a little every day and stick to it for a long time to achieve results.

People who are unwell: As it has a strong effect on warming the body, people who are catching a cold, fever, inflammation, or diarrhea are best not to eat it.

In addition, people with high blood pressure, too impatient temperament, or people who eat a lot of meat on weekdays cause the noodles to become reddish.

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