61 year old man tells you what will happen if you don’t eat dinner for a long time

A 61-year-old man who gave up dinner to lower blood lipids and soften blood vessels after retirement from work ended up with a health condition after half a year. Here is the story:

don't eat dinner for a long time

Li Hua is 61 years old this year. His children have grown up and started their own families, and he doesn’t have to help take care of his grandchildren. With the help of his retirement fund, he lives a comfortable life as a retired person. He also receives some money from his children. Since he has more free time, he often wants to eat snacks, thinking about all the things he couldn’t afford when he was young.

Although he has fully enjoyed the taste, his health has also suffered. During a physical examination organized by his former company for retired employees, he was diagnosed with carotid atherosclerosis and high blood lipids.

He knows the dangers of carotid atherosclerosis. It is said that once the blood vessel is blocked, it can be life-threatening. The doctor recommended starting with lifestyle adjustments such as healthy eating, giving up smoking and drinking, controlling blood lipids, and then combining with medication.

“This good life just started and then this happened,” he didn’t dare to delay, so he followed the doctor’s advice to take medication and started to search for methods online to lower blood lipids and soften blood vessels.

One day when he was taking a walk, he met the property manager Liu Neng of his residential complex. “Hey, you may not know this, but I am the same age as you.”

“Isn’t that right? You look younger than me. How do you maintain it?”

“I don’t have any secret tips. I just skip dinner at night and my body will be fine.”

“Won’t you feel hungry if you don’t eat dinner?”

“Eat less but more times during the day, and you won’t be hungry at night. If you want to think about it, high blood lipids are caused by overeating and too much nutrition, so blood will have fat and plaque. Therefore, if you skip dinner, blood sugar and blood lipids will not rise, and your body will be fine. “

Li Hua began to try it with some doubt. After a while, he really lost some weight. He thought it was because his blood lipids were low and he lost weight, so he continued it for a long time.

Until one day at lunch, he ordered some “couple lung” (a dish made from sheep lung), which was very spicy and satisfying, but halfway through his meal, he suddenly had stomach pain and started to vomit. His friend advised him to go to the hospital for examination. In the afternoon of that day, Li Hua took the examination report and started to doubt life.

The doctor explained that he had abdominal pain and vomiting because he had a compound ulcer, which means that there are ulcers in both the stomach and duodenum. In addition, the doctor was also surprised that his blood vessel hardening had not improved and his blood lipid indicators had increased.

“How could this happen? My blood lipids are not well controlled?” Under the doctor’s questioning, Li Hua finally revealed his daily eating habits.

Initially, he only reduced the amount of food at dinner, but it didn’t work very well. To speed up the effect, he began to skip dinner directly.

However, the side effect of this extreme eating habit of skipping dinner is that it is not good for blood lipid control. At the same time, this cycle of overeating and skipping dinner has led to his compound ulcer! The doctor also emphasized to Li Hua that skipping dinner is more harmful to the elderly!

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