A glass of wolfberry water a day for half a month, these 3 bad things will quietly “leave” you

A glass of wolfberry water

Whether it is boiling soup or soaking in water, wolfberry is a very common food in our daily life. Various methods are sought after, so it is inevitable that so many people will seek to use wolfberry soaked in water for health preservation, not to mention it. I know that soaking wolfberry in water is not only delicious, but also good for health, so it is very popular.

Wolfberry is both an ingredient and a Chinese herbal medicine with a tonic effect. It can nourish the liver and kidney, clear the liver and improve eyesight. Soaking in water with wolfberry in our daily life can help treat dizziness, tinnitus, waist and knee weakness, etc. symptom. .

It is also helpful for maintaining eyesight and treating blurred vision, and this wolfberry can also improve our body’s immunity and has anti-aging effects. Of course, although wolfberry has a better nourishing effect, it will also be overdone. It can cause irritation and even nosebleeds, so everyone must eat in moderation.

Let’s talk to you today. Often using wolfberry soaked in water can keep your body away from these three things. Let’s take a look.

  • Alcoholic liver

Presumably everyone knows that drinking alcohol hurts the body, and drinking too much alcohol will naturally cause a certain degree of harm to the body, even to the liver. Patients with alcoholic liver can only improve liver function and alleviate the condition if they give up alcohol.

In addition, drinking wolfberry tea can effectively help eliminate alcoholism in the liver, accelerate the metabolism of the body, thereby reduce the risk of alcoholism and protect liver health.

  • Liver disease

It is recommended that when making wolfberry tea, you can add cassia seed, dandelion, and Imperata cylindrica root to it, add water and cook for 30 minutes before drinking.

Usually we can drink more of this wolfberry tea, which can help clear away heat and detoxify, and can also absorb harmful substances and heavy metals in the liver, promote liver detoxification, repair liver damage, and help liver restore health.

  • Lively

People who often drink wolfberry water can reduce liver fire, balance the body, and can effectively improve the quality of sleep. The liver can dredge the human body and regulate blood circulation. In the early morning, it is time for the liver to detoxify. At this time, the liver fire is too strong and will hinder the operation of the liver. People usually wake up easily, but it is difficult to fall asleep again.

Usually, wolfberry tea can be used to help reduce liver fire, improve immunity, and also play a role in protecting the liver.

But any medicine is not absolutely good, let’s introduce a few types of people who are not suitable for eating wolfberry:

  1. The ability and effect of wolfberry to warm the body are very powerful, so people with high blood pressure, too impatient temperament, or people who eat a lot of meat on weekdays, it is best not to eat wolfberry .
  2. Chinese wolfberry can nourish the liver and kidneys, and people who have good liver and kidney do not need to eat too much.
  3. Wolfberry is a medicine after all, so it will have its bias, which is the medicinal properties we often talk about. If the person is healthy and has no deficiency, it is not suitable to eat wolfberry, and the person who is evil but not healthy is not suitable to use tonic drugs indiscriminately. So as not to “stay behind closed doors.”
  4. People who eat too much will have the disadvantages of slippage and diarrhea. People who have internal heat but have not cleared it should also use wolfberry with caution.
  5. Some people eat too much wolfberry, causing the eyes to become red, swollen and uncomfortable, and have blurred vision. Therefore, wolfberry can not be eaten often, it is three-point poison.
  6. People who are catching a cold, fever, inflammation, or diarrhea are not suitable for eating wolfberry.

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