A ton of wolfberry to make the national flag

Recently, a pair of “special” giant five-star red flag pattern appeared at the foot of the wild wolfberry mountain, which is particularly noticeable.

Wolfberry Makes Money, Making National Flag

The Chinese flag is 28.8 meters long and 19.2 meters wide. It is paved with a ton of wolfberry and wild chrysanthemum to celebrate the harvest of wolfberry and the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, and to wish the motherland prosperity.

Wolfberry Making National Flag

Chinese wolfberry is their most important source of income. Through the training of scientific and technological personnel, they gradually changed from an ordinary peasant to a wolfberry industrial worker who knows science and technology, wolfberry makes people get rid of poverty and become rich, and also puts on a green coat to the mountains. Agents also made huge profits, and really achieved a win-win situation.

Wolfberry Makes  National Flag

Wolfberry farmers make money, armed with gloves, scarves and sunshade caps, picked wolfberries quickly. “Every year, there are many people picking Chinese wolfberry, many of them are foreigners. They only pick Chinese wolfberry, there are thousands of yuan to collect. I have been picking Chinese wolfberry for a month and can earn more than 160 yuan a day. She told me joyfully that she had been a picker for several years. Because of her small land, when wolfberry was ripe in August and September every year, she helped wolfberry growers to pick wolfberries. Generally, she could pick wolfberries for two to three months and earn nearly 10,000 yuan.

Wolfberry Makes Money,

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