About Goji berry history and culture

Goji berry history and culture

Chinese wolfberry is one of the eight auspicious plants in Chinese folk culture. Ancient clouds, the so-called’lucky man’,
Fortune and goodness; auspicious person, Jiaqing Zheng’. In folk culture, the auspicious picture of Qiju’s prolonged life is chrysanthemum and wolfberry. The logo of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games uses the auspicious color of Chinese red. Red wolfberry is a symbol of auspiciousness. In China, red symbolizes passion, festivity and happiness. Red culture is a successful culture, auspicious culture and healthy culture. Red wolfberry, red culture.

When the nobility held the ceremony of the completion of the temple, a guest praised the noble status, eminent status, generous virtue and heroic temperament of the “gentleman” by comparing wolfberry, jujube and sycamore trees.

Wolfberry has become popular in people’s spiritual and material world .
In China, many places celebrate the Laba Festival, putting together washed beans, soaked red dates, and boiled grains of various kinds of rice and rice from wolfberry to pray for good luck.

Red symbolizes passion, festivity and happiness. Red culture is a successful culture, auspicious culture and healthy culture.

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