Analysis of Chinese Wolfberry from Western Medicine

goji benefits
goji benefits

goji berry polysaccharide is the most important functional ingredient in Chinese wolfberry.

According to animal experiments carried out by goji berry polysaccharides such as Li Ka Cheng Medical College of the University of Hong Kong, goji berry polysaccharides can significantly improve sexual desire and sexual function.

It also plays an active role in the treatment of male dysfunction.
goji berry polysaccharide has the following advantages for male reproductive ability: firstly, it can significantly improve sexual ability;

secondly, it can improve the quality, quantity and motility of sperm; thirdly, it can significantly improve sexual dysfunction; fourthly, it can significantly increase the secretion of sex hormones and increase sexual desire.

goji benefits

goji berry can invigorate Qi and strengthen muscles, regulate the function of central nervous system, significantly increase the reserve of muscle glycogen and liver glycogen, expand coronary artery, improve human vitality and achieve anti-fatigue effect.

It has a good calming effect on insomnia caused by xerostomia and blood deficiency in the elderly at night.

goji berry, commonly known as “bright eyes”, has the effect of clearing the liver and eyes, which is rich in carotene, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, calcium, iron and other essential nutrients for eyes.

Chinese wolfberry is often used by doctors in the past dynasties to treat dizziness and night blindness caused by insufficiency of liver and blood and deficiency of kidney yin. Chinese wolfberry is also used to treat chronic ophthalmopathy in the folk.

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