Are black goji berries more nutritious than red goji berries?

Goji berries, as a plant for both medicine and food, have always been used in traditional Chinese medicine health care and daily diet. In recent years, more and more people have begun to be more willing to buy black goji berries, and many businesses have also promoted that black goji berries have higher nutritional value than red goji berries, which has attracted consumers to flock to it. Next, today’s water light life takes you to understand black goji berries.

The black goji berries on the domestic market are mostly produced in the deserts and Gobi areas of Qinghai Province and belong to wild berries. Today’s water tips that nutritional research has found that the nutrients contained in black goji berries mainly include amino acids, anthocyanins and vitamin C. It is mostly used in the production of food such as health care products, jams, medicines, alcohol, etc. The merchant focuses on the anthocyanins in black goji berries, boasting its anti-aging effects.

To really understand the ingredient anthocyanins is to know that they are water-soluble natural pigments widely found in plants in nature. It has been confirmed by scientific research to have a strong antioxidant effect, but today’s hydrin suggests that common foods in daily life such as purple sweet potato, purple cabbage, eggplant, blueberry, raspberry, mulberry, etc. have a relatively high anthocyanin content and are not rare nutrients. And compared with the high price of black goji berries, eating other foods for supplements may be more cost-effective.

Compared with red goji berries, except for anthocyanins, most of the remaining nutrients are consistent, and compared with the two, red goji berries have a lower price and are more acceptable to most people. Therefore, today’s water tips that although black goji berries have certain nutritional advantages, they are not irreplaceable, and in fact, their role is arbitrarily exaggerated by merchants to raise prices, and consumers should clearly recognize and consume rationally.

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