Are fresh goji berries delicious or dry goji berries delicious?

Personally, it must be fresh goji berries in summer, because its juice is sweet, the taste is good and not very hot, although fresh goji berries are delicious, but due to natural conditions, most people are difficult to contact fresh goji berries, can only be sent express every summer to taste the taste of fresh goji berries, but the transportation process must be kept fresh with ice packs, arriving in your city is at least the next day, not too fresh, and the transportation cost of fresh goji berries is extremely high. Therefore, if you can go to Ningxia, you can contact Xiaobian to take you to the goji berry field to taste real fresh goji berries.

Can’t eat fresh goji berries, then you can only eat dried goji berries, dried goji berries are picked from fresh goji berries dried, drying takes about five to seven days, in addition to water evaporation, other nutritional values are all in, summer dried goji berries, meat more seeds and less seeds, the taste is great, the aftertaste is a little bitter, good goji berries, not jayana goji berries eat one will always think of eating the second, if you eat the real Zhongning goji berries must remember, although it is delicious, but must control the amount, greed for more but to be uncomfortable.

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