Are there any fake wolfberry (fake goji berry)in the market?

fake wolfberry

Rigorous say, Chinese wolfberry has the cent of producing area only, without true false cent. Now many places in the country can grow wolfberry, such as qinghai, gansu, and so on, even ningxia in addition to zhongning also has a lot of local species, each has its own advantages. As long as it is not toxic wolfberry, smoked wolfberry, can rest assured to eat. A lot of friends because buy in ning wolfberry -goji berries is other wolfberry -goji berries counterfeit, dare not eat, completely unnecessary.

Modified varieties are generally not to follow this standard, because of the size of the modified varieties, it is easy to reach the level of goji king or tribute fruit. But now taobao a lot of online stores to improve the seed to this level to sell.
Improved varieties are generally not screened or only sifted out of size two levels. The price difference is quite large, and size, related to the product.

fake wolfberry

The shelf life of Chinese wolfberry is closely related to its storage condition. The more natural the goji berries, the harder they are to preserve. The best way to preserve them is to refrigerate them. Some stores or factories, after the harvest of wolfberry drying or drying, are directly encased and then sealed with plastic film isolation air, put in the cold storage, when to sell when to take out again.

Damp and moldy are two concepts. Wet goji berries are still good, as long as well as ventilation and drying, and the musty goji berries have been spoiled, is harmful to the body, is not to eat. Wolfberry is very afraid of water and wet, if wet as soon as possible to take the ventilation of cool and cool place spread out, do not bask in the sun. Damp easy to live insects, and sweltering insects similar situation, treatment is similar. Most of the mouldy wolfberry is old, first of all, the color of the wolfberry is dark, even black; The second is the change in taste, bitter sour taste is very heavy without the taste of wolfberry. Note here and aftertaste are two different things.

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