Attention! Your goji berries may not have the right choice!

 goji berries

In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, the need for health preservation has gradually been put on the agenda. Many Chinese medicinal materials are beginning to be favored by people.

such as astragalus and ginseng for invigorating qi, panax notoginseng for promoting blood circulation, salvia, etc. Either used to make soup, or used to replace tea.

 goji berries

Chinese traditional medicinal materials shine in today’s folk daily life health care!

wolfberry health

Among many Chinese medicinal materials, wolfberry is one of the best.

Chinese wolfberry, sweet in nature and taste. Chinese medicine believes that it can nourish the liver and kidneys, improve vision and blood, and enhance people’s immunity.

And modern research has found that the Lycium barbarum polysaccharide contained in Lycium barbarum has a protective effect on experimental liver injury, can reduce serum alanine aminotransferase and promote the repair of liver injury.

And people regard wolfberry as the first choice for health and health care. In addition to the medicinal value of wolfberry, it should also have a lot to do with the taste of wolfberry. Because wolfberry does not have the bitter taste of other Chinese medicinal materials, it is easily accepted by people.

 goji berries

Soaking goji berries in a cup has even become a kind of “label” impression, which is a sign that people begin to pay attention to health preservation at a certain age.

But did you really choose the right wolfberry?

The most important thing about Chinese medicinal materials is “authentic”. Only authentic medicinal materials can exert their best medicinal effects. For example, the four major medicines of Huaiqing Mansion in Jiaozuo and the wormwood in Qichun are all authentic medicinal materials.

The authentic wolfberry is only produced in Ningxia.

Sun Simiao, a well-known medical scientist in the early Tang Dynasty, stated in “A Thousand Golden Wing Recipes”: “Ganzhou (now Zhangye area of ​​Gansu Province) is true for wolfberry, and the thicker leaf is.

 goji berries

The Northern Song Dynasty scientist Shen Kuo recorded in “Mengxi Bi Tan”: “The wolfberry is born at the extreme edge of Shaanxi, Gaozhangyu, sweet and different from other places.”
Sun Simiao, Shen Kuo. What is said is actually Ningxia wolfberry!

Ningxia wolfberry is also the only medicinal wolfberry listed in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.

Therefore, when choosing wolfberry health care, the first choice should be Ningxia wolfberry.

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