Authentic Ningxia sulfur-free goji berry identification methods

Regarding the identification of goji berries, there are only two simple and rude points: first, Ningxia goji berries are impersonated; The second is sulfur-smoked poisonous goji berries.

First, Ningxia goji berries are counterfeit
Goji berries are known to be the best in Ningxia, because Ningxia berries are the strongest medicinal and suitable for nourishment, so they are in short supply, so it gives example: Qinghai goji berries, and then Xinjiang goji berries and other foreign goji berries pretend to be Ningxia authentic goji berries to enter the market, so you find that as long as it is selling goji berries, it is said to be Ningxia’s goji berries, and then according to my years of research and field investigation experience, teach you “6 tricks to determine Ningxia”

  1. Size: Ningxia goji berries of the same grade are small, and the length of the largest tribute fruit will generally not exceed 2cm, while the others will look very large, so if you want Ningxia berries, you must change the concept of “the bigger the better”.
  2. Taste: Ningxia goji berries are slightly sweet in the mouth and bitter aftertaste, while Qinghai goji berries are very sweet and have almost no bitter taste. If you really want to eat sweet, it is better to eat raisins, after all, we buy goji berries to improve health.
  3. Shape: Ningxia goji berries are thin and slender into spindle shapes, with many seeds, while Qinghai goji berries have more meat and are chubby;
  4. White spots: There are white spots at the stem of Ningxia goji berries, but this is not absolute, not every one has it, generally 60% is about the same;
  5. Agglomeration: Ningxia goji berries will not clump (will not stick together) when they are in a dry state, and will soon spread out into granules, because Ningxia berries contain less sugar than Qinghai goji berries, if the goji berries are already wet, they will also clump, then continue to see the following method;
  6. Floating rate: Ningxia goji berry bubble floating rate is more than 80%, if half is not there or even less, impersonation index 7 (total 10)

Second, sulfur smoked goji berries
The purpose of sulfur smoking is to make goji berries look good in color and satisfy some people in “foreign trade associations”; Second, some aged or poor quality goji berries are smoked with sulfur to increase the price of selling them; The third is to extend the preservation time. In fact, there is nothing wrong with sulfur, but for this purpose of the business, the amount will exceed the standard, which will seriously threaten health. Next “3 tricks to identify sulfur berries”

  1. Smell: It smells pungent or strange and is sulfur-smoked;
  2. Look: normal goji berries are dark red, bright red is mostly sulfur smoked;
  3. Experiment: Each of our merchants will conduct experimental tests without exception to ensure that everything is foolproof, and we must not joke with the health and trust of customers.
    Experimental principle: Ba2+ + SO42-=BaSO4 ↓, sulfur-containing goji berry soaked water will produce SO42-, and adding BaCL2 will produce precipitation. Specifically, the water of the goji berry and the barium chloride solution are mixed to see if it can produce precipitation, the more precipitate, the more serious the sulfur smoke, if there is almost no change, it means that there is no sulfur.

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