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The detailed description of Qinghai goji berries varieties – Qinghai MJY goji

Leaves dark grey green, thick texture, annual leaves 4-6 cm long, 0.9-1.4 cm wide; old eye branch flower volume per axilla is usually 2-3, 7-inch branch flower volume per axilla 4-6, style length 04 cm, petals The colours are white, yellow and purple. Buds begin to appear around May 10 and blossom around May 15. […]

Goji Can eat, you can also do beautiful berries Bonsai [Miniature Trees for goji]

Goji berries (Lycium barbarum L.) is a deciduous shrub with many branches. They are mainly distributed in Ningxia, China. Hebei, Shandong, Shanxi and Shaanxi, western Gansu, southern Gansu, eastern Qinghai, Urad Front Banner, Inner Mongolia, northwest, southwest, central China, southern and eastern provinces; It is also grown in Korea, Japan and Europe. They often appear […]

Pregnant women are not allowed to eat more wolfberry

Wolfberry is a good thing, especially for women, wolfberry can play a role in clearing the eyes, clearing the liver and nourishing the face. So can women eat wolfberry in this special period of pregnancy? The answer is yes, but pregnant women should pay attention to the following points in eating records: (1)Pregnant women can […]

Don’t eat it any more goji berries, after the long-term eating, the body will change like this, regret not knowing it!

Practice: pick out the impurities from the glutinous rice, wash the water with pure water and control the dry water, put it into the pan, do not put oil in the pot, stir the roasted glutinous rice in a small fire, until the scent of glutinous rice is fried to turn off the fire. Put […]

Study on the Evaluation of the Competitiveness of Chinese Goji berries (Wolfberry) Industry with Characteristics in Qinghai Province

The characteristic wolfberry industry is a technology-intensive and labor-intensive industry, which can not only improve the economic and ecological benefits of Qinghai Province, but also have important significance for solving the employment of farmers and herdsmen, increasing their income, narrowing the income gap between urban and rural areas, and ensuring social stability. In recent years, […]

What’s the Difference: Acai vs. Goji berries?

There seems to be a surplus of hype around superfoods , especially exotic berries such as acai and goji , which promise a heaping dose of antioxidants with each bite . Superfoods are loosely defined as containing a higher proportion of health benefits when compared to most foods . In the case of berries , […]

Red goji berries product planning and promotion faces bottlenecks

Situation Origin of Chinese wolfberry: Qinghai, Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hebei “Qinghai wolfberry” sales accounted for more than 60% of the national market, of which the real “Qinghai wolfberry” accounted for less than 1/3. “Qinghai Lycium Barbarum” is a well-known regional brand in China. It has been generally accepted that the total consumption market of Lycium […]

Biological Characteristics and Exploitation Prospects of Goji berries in Qinghai

Chinese wolfberry has aong history of cultivation in China. The earliest collection of poems in China, The Book of Songs, contains records of picking Chinese wolfberry from mountains. It can be seen that as early as the Spring and Autumn Period more than 2000 years ago, the Chinese people knew how to cultivate and utilize […]

Introduction of Chinese Wolfberry (Goji berries) Species

(1) Ningxia wolfberry Originally distributed in the northwest, now introduced to the northern provinces. The quality of Lycium barbarum produced in Zhongning County of Ningxia is the best. It is the “Red Treasure” of “Ningxia Five Treasures”. Berry Oval, oval or broadly ovate, 8-20 m long, 5-10 mm in diameter, red or orange, fleshy pericarp […]

Unexpectedly, Cats prefers to eat goji berries

Cats in their hometowns like to eat cockroaches. I don’t know why. Generally speaking, cats are more picky about the food they eat, and only eat the food they smell. Maybe it’s because cats lived in the Qinghai region for a long time and it likes it. Maybe it’s the relevant nutrition cat that cats […]

Qinghai golmud wolfberry harvest picking busy

Tell you a most true, Chinese wolfberry farmer picks wolfberry process.

You can’t imagine, how much Chinese white-collar workers love goji berries (goji berry tea reviews)

Here are some ways you can’t imagine how to eat them

High quality Chinese wolfberry

Top quality goji berries are the best fruit. Have you tried them?

A lot of about the animal experiment of goji berries fruit toxicity proves, medlar fruit is very safe food, do not contain any toxin inside, can long-term edible. But don’t overdo it. Generally speaking, healthy adults eat about 20 grams of goji fruit every day is more appropriate, if you think of the effect of […]

If you don’t know how to eat goji berries, just read this article

Old Gan Ma unconsciously swept the world, did not expect, as the Chinese go all over the world, more and more Chinese specialty products in foreign countries, more unexpected is that one of the hottest is actually it-Lycium barbarum (Goji berries)

Goji berries unsalable, farmers cried miserably! Farmers ask for help

Due to the small scale of planting and narrow sales channels, some farmers are facing slow sales problems. Breaking information barriers and protecting farmers’ income, our county e-commerce center carefully researches the sales market and actively docks sales platforms. Every year the investment of land of every Chinese wolfberry (Goji berries) is about RMB of […]

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