Black goji berries are recommended for consumption

In recent years, black goji berries have become more and more popular, but TCM practitioners remind that black goji berries are not traditional Chinese medicine and can only be used as Tibetan medicine and food health care. Why? And listen to the advice of local TCM practitioners.
Dr. Lin Liming of the Health Care TCM Clinic said in an interview with “Live Well” that in recent years, there have been a lot of research on the resource distribution, artificial cultivation, chemical composition, pharmacological action, anthocyanin extraction, etc. of black goji berries, but they are not yet included in the pharmacopoeia, so they cannot be used as traditional Chinese medicine so far.
Whether black goji berries can be included in pharmacopoeias for medicinal purposes in the future remains to be confirmed by further research. She reminds that any item has certain side effects.

■Black goji berries have a sweet taste and flat sex. It has the effect of strengthening kidney, moisturizing liver, brightening eyes, strengthening stomach, anti-aging and menstruation. Those who have external evil are really hot, and those with spleen deficiency and dampness and diarrhea should not take it.
■ Hawthorn taste acid, sweet, slightly warm, has the effect of appetizing and eliminating food, stagnation and accumulation, activating blood and dispersing stasis, dissolving phlegm and qi, eating more hurts people’s qi, therefore, people with weak spleen and stomach should take with caution.
■The tea has a slightly bitter, sweet taste and is cool. It has the effect of clearing the boss, quenching thirst, eliminating food, diuresis, detoxification, and refreshing the mind. People with insomnia, spleen and stomach deficiency, cold and slippery discharge should not drink and take. Tea should be drunk hot, not too strong and on an empty stomach.
How to eat?
The current general consumption methods of black goji berries are directly chewed, soaked in water, soaked in wine, stewed soup, and stewed meat.

Black Goji Hawthorn Tea (Internet)

Black goji hawthorn tea
Ingredients: 3g black goji berries, 5g hawthorn, 3g oolong tea.
Method: Put hawthorn and oolong tea in a cup, brew with boiling water for 15 minutes, then add black goji berries and steep for 15 minutes.
Efficacy: Clear liver, reduce fire and fat.
Applicable: patients with hepato-yang hyperactivity (symptoms: dizziness, tinnitus, swelling and pain in the head, red face, irritability, dry mouth, constipation, yellow urine).

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