Black goji berries are the most suitable to eat a few a day, how to eat black goji berries, these should pay attention!

Black fruit goji berries we usually call it black goji berries, black goji berries are more common medicinal herbs in daily life, so how to eat black goji berries is correct? Does it have any efficacy and function? Let’s take a look at it together.

First, the effect of black goji berries
Black goji berry scientific name black fruit goji berry, belongs to the nightshade family Goji genus, common effects are anti-aging, whitening skin care, antihypertensive medicinal use, the effect can nourish the liver and eyes, tonify the kidney and essence, delay aging.

For women, the main focus is on the anti-aging and beauty effects of black goji berries, which contain a certain amount of essential fatty acids and 8 kinds of essential amino acids, as well as a certain amount of Vc. The most significant thing is that it contains more reducing sugars and pigments, and its pigments are the active ingredients of black fruit goji berry antioxidants and anti-aging, thereby playing a role in delaying aging, which has far-reaching development potential.

In addition, women eating black goji berries can improve sleep, the anthocyanins in black goji berries have the effect of penetrating deep into cells to protect cell membranes from being oxidized by free radicals, have strong antioxidant and anti-allergic functions, can cross the blood-brain barrier, can protect brain nerves from oxidation, can stabilize brain tissue function, and protect the brain from harmful chemicals and toxins.

Therefore, women often consume black goji berries, which can effectively improve sleep quality.

Of course, men eat black goji berries in moderation is also beneficial, according to scientific research, black goji berries contain amino acids and flax oil, so it has a good relief effect for male diseases, especially for men with kidney deficiency, if you often eat black goji berries, then you can play a role in strengthening the body.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black goji berries are hot, so people who are weak must have hot health products to strengthen their bodies, black goji berries are just the right medicine, and at the same time can improve the quality of men’s sperm, so as to play a purpose.

Therefore, black goji berries have different conditioning effects on women and men, as for how to buy black goji berries, you can go to well-known brand stores to buy, such as Baozhilin flagship store, Yi Kangde flagship store, than buying online, it is recommended to go to the physical store to buy, unless the online store has official certification, do not be careless.

Second, black goji berry eating instructions
Although black goji berries are a good thing for health, but also pay attention to the way of eating, if excessive or irregular methods, but will be counterproductive, then how to eat black goji berries is correct? We usually drink it in water, but there is also a special emphasis on this.

  1. How to soak in water?

The water temperature should be suitable, the active ingredient proanthocyanidins contained in black goji berries are afraid of heat, and the water temperature is too high will affect its efficacy, it is recommended to brew and drink warm water below 40 degrees.

Top quality black goji berries can be brewed about five or six times in three minutes, but if you soak the first cup for half an hour, then the anthocyanins in the black goji berries will be completely released in the first cup. The next soaking is not so obvious, which means that the number of times black goji berries are soaked depends on the interval time.

In addition, black goji berries soaked in water to drink, generally speaking, whether it is good black goji berries or general black goji berries, with a cup of the size of the picture to soak in water, soak 20 black goji berries at a time, generally soak 20 grains can be brewed 3 times, add too little black goji berries dissolved in the water nutrition is too little, black goji berries nutrition will be too much our body can not absorb.

Also, black goji berries with saffron and rose soaking water is also a very good way to drink, but remember not to mix with tea leaves, mixed with tea leaves to drink water, the anthocyanins in black goji berries are easy to destroy.

  1. Can I eat dry?

Because everyone generally soaks in water to drink, so people do not know that in fact, black goji berries can also be eaten dry, and black goji berries are more conducive to the absorption of nutrients and will not lead to the loss of nutrients. Black goji berries are sweet, flat, rich in protein, goji polysaccharides, vitamins, trace elements and other nutrients, and also rich in natural proanthocyanidins, which is the natural wild plant with the highest content of proanthocyanidins. Eating black goji berries is beneficial to anti-aging, improve sleep, beauty and beauty, nourish kidney and essence, prevent cancer, protect liver and eyes, enhance physical fitness, prevent diabetes and other effects.

  1. Can I drink wine?

Black goji berries can be drunk with wine, black goji berries bubble wine has the effect of clearing the liver and brightening the eyes, draining the wind and heat dissipation, alleviating the effect of liver deficiency cataracts, if you add some mulberries, integrate with each other, the effect will be synergistic with each other, than the single taste of the use of the effect will increase, can strengthen the body, health care, can be assured to drink in moderation.

  1. What are the taboos?

Not suitable for people with high blood pressure and too impatient temperament; Not suitable for people who are catching a cold or fever. Also, avoid strong tea, generally do not drink strong tea when taking Chinese medicine, because tea contains tannic acid, strong tea contains more tannic acid, when taken with black goji berries, it will affect the absorption of the active ingredients in black goji berries in the human body, reduce its effect and effect. It is best to drink it after taking the medicine for 2~3 hours.

  1. Black goji berries and red goji berries
    Finally, let’s talk about the difference between black goji berries and red goji berries, black goji berries and red goji berries are two kinds of goji berries, the sexual taste is the same, are ganping, but black goji berries contain minerals, trace elements, fats, amino acids, anthocyanins are much higher than ordinary red goji berries.

Although the two can be soaked in water together, it is still recommended to soak separately, because black goji berries themselves contain higher nutrients than red goji berries.

The above is the introduction of the consumption method of black goji berries, in addition to the appropriate method, in the purchase is also to pay attention, do not buy inferior products, it is recommended to buy in large pharmacies and specialized health care stores, such as Yi Kangde, Tongrentang, Baozhilin and other brand products will be more formal, black goji berries are health food after all, so you can not be greedy or health-oriented.

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