Can baby eat Chinese wolfberry?

Can baby eat gojiberry

baby can eat wolfberry, a small amount can

As we all know, Chinese wolfberry has a certain drug effect and has a good nourishing effect. But it’s not suitable for children. If the baby likes it, it can eat a little in moderation and drink plenty of water. Of course, it’s also a good choice to soak in water or make wolfberry and egg soup.

Chinese wolfberry medical testing research confirmed that Chinese wolfberry in Ningxia contains betaine, Chinese wolfberry polysaccharide, vitamin E, calcium, iron, zinc and other nutrients, which can provide some nutrients for children’s growth and development, and is conducive to improving body immunity.

wolfberry porridge and steamed egg with wolfberry and Wolfberry porridge
wolfberry porridge and steamed egg with wolfberry

In particular, the ingredients of zeaxanthin and carotenoid contained in Chinese wolfberry can effectively improve the eyesight fatigue and dark adaptation ability, with good eyesight effect, which is only good for baby with heavy academic work and regular use of eyes.

In addition, it must be noted that Chinese wolfberry has a strong warming effect. If a child is suffering from a cold, hair or internal heat, he cannot eat Chinese wolfberry

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