Can baked Chinese wolfberry be eaten?

Can baked Chinese wolfberry be eaten?

Generally speaking, our common wolfberries are natural air-dried and sun-dried, but in today’s advanced science and technology, baked wolfberries have become the mainstream, but some friends feel that baked wolfberries have been destroyed nutrients, so they can not eat, eat wolfberries have no original efficacy and role, but experts believe that baked wolfberries can eat, and nutritional value one. The sample is very high.

Nutritional value should also be good, pollution-free, and efficient. Natural air-dried and sun-dried wolfberries may be polluted by dust, while baked wolfberries with a baking machine do not have this problem, so baked wolfberries are cleaner than natural air-dried and sun-dried wolfberries.

After low-temperature baking, wolfberry is mixed with ground powder, and then appropriate amount of wolfberry powder is poured into the cup, adding appropriate amount of warm boiling water to make a paste to drink.

Lycium barbarum beats soymilk at low temperature. Lycium barbarum and five grains are put into soymilk machine together. Sugar and water are added to mix well. A cup of fresh and delicious Lycium barbarum milk comes out. Drinking more soymilk has whitening effect.

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