Can goji berries that have been soaked in wine go fishing? Why is that?

Can goji berries fishing

There are many friends who like to eat fish very much, so can you fish with wolfberries that have been soaked in wine? Let me talk about the first fishing with wolfberries that have been soaked in wine.

October in the northeast is basically going into the cold winter, but this season is also a good time for fishing, but it is really cold to sit for a day, so I often bring a small bottle of white wine, drink two sips when it is cold, and feel warm all over.

One day, I filled a small bottle of soaked wolfberry wine. I arrived at the fishing spot at 8 o’clock in the morning, but I didn’t bite the hook. When eating at noon, I drank two sips of white wine. On the hook, [Because I heard that fishing is easy to use before], when half of the meal was eaten, the rod sank a moment, [fishing back], I caught a carp that was more than two catties, and when I saw that the wolfberry was easy to use, I quickly put the bottle The remaining four goji berries were used, and a total of four carps were caught at around four o’clock. Later, they used goji berries for several days in a row, which was very useful.

The method of using wolfberry in wine is to soak the wolfberry without seeds. Soak the wolfberry thoroughly. It should not be too large, but it should be soft. When hooking up, gently half-tear the wolfberry. It has a sweet and wine taste. Now fishing is ready for use. , Fishing carp is the best.

According to theory, it is possible to fish, but many fishing friends have reported that the effect is not good, perhaps because of the problem of the production method. I think it is effective to use pure wolfberry, because it is natural, so effective!

  1. Soak a bubble before use. The main reason for soaking is to improve palatability. The shriveled wolfberry is a bit hard, and the sweetness is not volatile, it will be different after soaking.
  2. The effect of fishing carp and grass carp is better. Experienced fishermen know that carp is very obsessed with fishy bait, because carp is smart and more vigilant, so they dare not approach it. The ear sleep bubble wolfberry is a purely natural fruit, often big fish will relax their vigilance against purely natural bait, eat it when it sees it, and it’s easy to do after eating it.
  3. In fact, the fruits on the shore can be hooked for fishing, and the insects on the shore can also be used. The reason is very simple, because of habit, the fish will not be alert to the things they eat frequently.

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