Can people with high blood pressure eat goji berries? Do goji berries raise or lower blood pressure? The doctor tells you

Goji berries are a very common health product in daily life, even in summer, many elderly people are soaked in red goji berries in their thermos cups to maintain health and blood. For patients with high blood pressure, there is a question, does eating goji berries raise blood pressure or lower blood pressure?

In traditional Chinese medicine, it is believed that goji berries taste sweet and flat, have a variety of benefits such as nourishing the liver and moisturizing the kidneys, replenishing blood and calming the nerves, suppressing cough and moisturizing the lungs, and can consume goji berries for people who usually use their eyes, have poor kidneys and weak physique. Of course, the elderly and people with high blood pressure are no exception.

This is the traditional medicine of the past, and in modern research, it has been found that the nutritional value of goji berries is also very high, which contains more carotenes, anthocyanins, vitamin A, lutein, protein, dietary fiber, magnesium, potassium, iron and other nutrients.

For patients with high blood pressure, moderate consumption of goji berries can also play a certain degree of blood pressure stabilizing benefits. However, it should be noted that if you have been on fire recently, do not eat too much to avoid negative effects on your health.

If not, eating in moderation every day, using it to soak in water, boil porridge, or chew directly raw are all good ways to eat goji berries.

In addition, although goji berries are a good ingredient, although they will not raise blood pressure, but in related studies, it has not been found that eating goji berries can lower blood pressure, just an ordinary health food, in this matter everyone needs to be treated correctly.

There is also the question that you don’t know whether you should choose red goji berries or black goji berries, let’s take a look together.

Many people say that it is good to eat black goji berries, one is that the price of black goji berries is expensive, according to people’s consumption psychology, they often feel that the more expensive things are. Second, because black goji berries contain more anthocyanins, it can help the body anti-aging and antioxidant.

As everyone knows, black goji berries and red goji berries belong to the same plant, even if their colors are different, the overall nutrition is similar. The difference is in red goji berries, because it is represented by red, which will contain more fat-soluble vitamins, while black goji berries may contain a little more anthocyanins.

After a study, it was found that red goji berries have similar ability to black goji berries to scavenge free radicals. Therefore, patients with high blood pressure who consume goji berries can be seen according to their own conditions, and do not necessarily pursue high-priced black goji berries.

If you want to supplement more anthocyanins, you may wish to eat some affordable purple sweet potatoes, grapes, mulberries, etc., which is also a good choice.

Finally, pay attention to the amount of goji berries consumed every day, no more than 20g is a good choice.

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