Can wolfberry maintain health? Take you to reveal its true colors!

As a last resort in middle-aged people, soak wolfberries in a thermos;

If you want to live well in middle age, there are wolfberries in the thermos;

Goji berry soaking wine, forever…

A few simple chants vividly reflect people’s importance to health.

Nowadays, people have a fast-paced life, high work pressure, and more and more chronic diseases and occupational diseases. Wolfberry is convenient to eat. It can be soaked in water, stewed or taken directly, and it has become a standard for many people.

Little wolfberry, is it so amazing? What are the benefits of wolfberry?

Lycium chinense is commonly known as “Mingyanzi”. It has a good effect on improving dry eyes, eye fatigue, blurred vision, and dizziness caused by long-term use of eyes. Medical scientists of the past dynasties have often used medlar to treat eye diseases.

In addition, wolfberry can protect the liver, lower blood sugar, soften blood vessels, and have certain curative effects on fatty liver and diabetes patients.

Goji berry has been a nourishing and nourishing top grade since ancient times. It has the effect of delaying aging and anti-aging, so it is also called “Kai Lao Tzu”. Modern medicine believes that wolfberry is rich in trace elements, which can play an antioxidant role.

In addition, wolfberry can improve the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen, make facial skin soft and smooth, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and thus play a beautifying effect.

Wolfberry has the effect of moisturizing dryness and eliminating troubles. Eating a few grains of wolfberry before going to bed every night can relieve irritability, restlessness, anxiety and other bad moods, calm the mind and help fall asleep.

Lycium barbarum has a significant inhibitory effect on the formation and spread of cancer cells, and can be used to prevent the spread of cancer cells and enhance the body’s immune function.

In addition, wolfberry also has the effects of anti-fatigue, lowering three highs, losing weight, and replenishing blood. Although the nutritional value of wolfberry is high, how can we choose high-quality wolfberry?

Normal goji berries are mostly dark red, the navel is white, and the color distribution is uneven, while most goji berries that have been dyed or beaten with sulfur are bright red, so you must not be greedy for “color” when buying goji berries.

Grab a handful of goji berries and squeeze it hard. If they stick together, it proves that the goji berries have regained moisture. Even if you buy them back, they will be broken in a few days. If you let go, goji berries spread evenly, it proves to be good goji berries.

Throw a few goji berries into warm water. The high-quality ones will not sink easily, and the color of the soaked goji berries will be pale yellow or orange-red; while the processed goji berries will fade seriously.

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