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[Health] Eating wolfberry like this is a waste

Red wolfberry has the effects of moisturizing the lungs, nourishing the liver, nourishing the kidneys, clearing away heat, improving eyesight, and replenishing deficiency and essence. Now most people face their mobile phones and computers every day, It is easy to cause eye fatigue and reduce vision. Therefore, most people use goji berries to soak in
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Things to pay attention to when eating wolfberry

When talking about wolfberry, many friends have something to say: it is cheap and healthy, soaking some water every day is good, raising eyes and replenishing the body. But you may have questions about how much you eat each day. The editor once received a message in the background: How much is the best wolfberry
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6 health benefits of wolfberry, one of which is surprising

The whole body of wolfberry is a treasure. Ming Li Shizhen’s “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Pickling wolfberry leaves in spring, named Tianjingcao; picking flowers in summer, named longevity grass; picking seeds in autumn, named wolfberry, and picking roots in winter, named gupi”. The leaves, flowers, and roots of wolfberry are also excellent food supplements.
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soaking wolfberry

The best way to eat wolfberry: three effects of soaking wolfberry in water

Lycium barbarum has the effects of nourishing yin and blood, nourishing liver and kidney, and benefiting savvy. When the poet Lu You was old, his eyes were dim, he often ate wolfberries, and he also left the poem “Xue Ji Mao Tang Zhong Qing Qing, Morning Zhai Chinese wolfberry soup”. Lycium barbarum is mild in
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Chinese wolfberry wine

Chinese wolfberry wine is brewed with 200 grams of Chinese wolfberry and wine. It has the functions of replenishing qi, invigorating the stomach, invigorating the kidney, strengthening the essence and eliminating fatigue. It is suitable for people with fatigue, insomnia, stomach cold and impotence. Modern medical research has proved that wolfberry has immune regulation, anti-oxidation,
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wolfberry in the thermos

Do you really understand the wolfberry in the thermos?

Wolfberry is a common tonic in our daily life. Soaking wolfberry in a vacuum flask has also become one of the common health maintenance methods for many people. So does wolfberry really have a health effect on our health? How should we choose good-quality wolfberry? First of all, strictly speaking, what we often use in
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Wolfberry wine won the first bronze prize in the International Spirits Competition

A few days ago, the “Snow Territory Shengfeng 45°Berry Fragrant Liquor” produced by Qinghai Shengfeng Biotechnology Development Co., Ltd. won the Bronze Award in the 2016 Hong Kong International Wine and Spirit Competition. It is reported that this is the first spirits product recognized by international competitions in our province. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that
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Qaidam wolfberry

Qaidam wolfberry dried fruit exported to France and the Netherlands for the first time this year

Recently, 13 tons of dried goji berries produced by Golmud Qisheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. were successfully exported to France and the Netherlands in three batches after Golmud Customs inspection. This is also the first export of new goji berries in Golmud this year. In order to help enterprises export smoothly, Golmud Customs has implemented
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The wolfberry in Jinghe County of Xinjiang has a long-standing reputation

The wolfberry in Jinghe County of Xinjiang has a long-standing reputation. In the early winter season, the warehouses of the local wolfberry deep-processing enterprise are full of this red and bright fruit, and all the production lines are running at full capacity to step up production. Nowadays, the wolfberry products in this small frontier county
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The benefits of drinking wolfberry honey water?

Wolfberry and honey are good things. One can nourish the liver and improve eyesight and kidney, and the other can enhance body resistance and beautify skin. Some people will eat the two together, so will drinking wolfberry honey water get angry? Red wolfberry is a medicinal and food dual-purpose food. It can enhance the interaction
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How much do you know about wolfberry tea

Wolfberry is a commonly eaten kidney-tonifying medicinal material. There are many ways to eat it. Make soup or make tea to drink. Do you know how to make wolfberry tea? How to make wolfberry tea? Let’s introduce the knowledge of wolfberry tea below, let’s take a look! How to make wolfberry tea Three Flowers Wolfberry
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Scapulohumeral periarthritis, please smear your shoulders with wolfberry wine

Recommended Expert: Liu Weizhong, Vice President of Chinese Society of Chinese Medicine, National Health Care Expert of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Commenting Expert: Wang Shibiao, Chief Expert of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Second People’s Hospital of Gansu Province Periarthritis of the shoulder is referred to as periarthritis of the shoulder, commonly known as frozen shoulder and fifty
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Nearly 60% of the surveyed college students worry that “sudden death” goji can save lives

Nearly 60% of college students under investigation worry about “sudden death”, eating wolfberry can save lives From the sudden death of a young actor who fell to the ground during the recording of the program, to the sudden death of a college student in the stadium, to the sudden cardiac arrest of Zhang Jingjing, a
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Qaidam The pure land of organic wolfberry, the paradise for exporting wolfberry

2018 is a year of great significance and good news for Qaidam wolfberry. In March, the Chinese organic certification certificate, which had disappeared for 6 years in the wolfberry industry, was reissued. A total of 6 certificates were issued, 5 of which were awarded to enterprises in Qaidam territory. In May, jointly formulated by Qinghai
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benefits of wolfberry

Wolfberry you don’t know

How much do you know about health preservation? From ancient times to the present, the term “health preservation” seems to be created for middle-aged and elderly people by nature, and it is a matter of “greasy” middle-aged uncles and the elderly. How much do you know about health From ancient times to the present, the
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