Goji Berry

A ton of wolfberry to make the national flag

Wolfberry Makes Money, Making National Flag

Analysis of Chinese Wolfberry from Western Medicine

goji berry polysaccharide is the most important functional ingredient in Chinese wolfberry.

Do you know that there is really toxic goji in the world?

According to the official data of China inspection bureau, for example, dried fruit, tremella, red dates, dried lily, rose tea, chrysanthemum tea and so on are prone to sulfur dioxide residue.

fake goji

Are there any fake wolfberry (fake goji berry)in the market?

Rigorous say, Chinese wolfberry has the cent of producing area only, without true false cent. Now many places in the country can grow wolfberry, such as qinghai, gansu, and so on, even ningxia in addition to zhongning also has a lot of local species, each has its own advantages.

My 100-year-old grandmother manages the goji berry farm

My 100-year-old grandmother manages the goji berry farm

My 100-year-old grandmother manages the goji berry farm
Grandma is the product manager here. every process of grandma is strictly controlled, dryness of wolfberry requires more than 90% before household process – manual selection, before packaging and delivery to you.

What is the standard of high quality Chinese wolfberry

Chinese wolfberry has less sugar and is not easy to stick and agglomerate
Chinese wolfberry dried fruit with moisture content between 12% 0 – 13% is not easy to be packed into lumps. If pressed into lumps, it can be loosened automatically after losing pressure. It is not only easy to preserve, but also not easy to mildew and deteriorate.

wolfberry wine

The development of wolfberry industry is beyond your imagination

At present, through technological innovation and the iterative upgrading of products, we have developed scrub free wolfberry, wolfberry powder, wolfberry(medlar) cosmetics, wolfberry medlar wine, wolfberry perfume, wolfberry soap, wolfberry honey syrup and so on.

The Story of Children Growing Wolfberry

The Story of Children Growing Wolfberry

Ma Qiaoling is 12 years old. He came to Liyuan to participate in picking with his grandparents and younger siblings at 6 o’clock in the morning.

Wolfberry Farm experience, a new way to get rich

In Ningxia wolfberry ecological wolfberry manor, tourists come to experience picking wolfberry, on-site taste of fresh fruits of wolfberry.

You haven’t heard of the only wolfberry University in the world

Ningxia Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum) Vocational and Technical College is a famous brand of Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum) in Ningxia. It shows the characteristics of education in Zhongning County. It takes market demand as the orientation, adopts diversified and individualized training mode, and cultivates high-level Goji Berries (Lycium barbarum) cultivation and sales talents.

It’s the season for Chinese wolfberry to be on the market again.

It’s the season for Chinese wolfberry to be on the market again.

A New Way to Eat Chinese Wolfberry

Chinese wolfberry has become a net red food in China
Look at this blog. You have unexpected ways to eat Chinese wolfberry.

Entertainment time, happy life in rural China

Entertainment time, happy life in rural China

The Largest Natural Enemy

The Largest Natural Enemy of Goji berry – Aceria macrodonis Keifer

Aceria macrodonis Keifer belongs to Arachnida, Acarina and Eriophyidae. goji berry – Lycium barbarum is mainly distributed in Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Xinjiang, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Qinghai provinces. This insect is a common pest. The gall mite of goji berry – Lycium barbarum harms the leaves, buds, young fruits, tender stems, petals and petals of goji berry – Lycium barbarum.

China Technical Spcification of gojiberry

China Technical Spcification Regulations for production of wolfberry (Free download)

DB14∕T 1234-2016 Blackberry goji berry pollution-free production technical regulations
DB65∕T 3359-2012 Organic food goji berry production technical regulations
DB65∕T 3354-2012 Green Food goji berry Production Technical Regulations
DB65∕T 2092-2003 Technical regulations for fertilization of soil test
DB65∕T 2091-2012 Technical Regulations for the Control of Harmful Biology
DB65∕T 2090-2003 pollution-free food goji berry production technical regulations

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