Goji Berry

If you don’t know how to eat goji berries, just read this article

Old Gan Ma unconsciously swept the world, did not expect, as the Chinese go all over the world, more and more Chinese specialty products in foreign countries, more unexpected is that one of the hottest is actually it-Lycium barbarum (Goji berries) Hits: 2544

Goji berries unsalable, farmers cried miserably! Farmers ask for help

Due to the small scale of planting and narrow sales channels, some farmers are facing slow sales problems. Breaking information barriers and protecting farmers’ income, our county e-commerce center carefully researches the sales market and actively docks sales platforms. Every year the investment of land of every Chinese wolfberry (Goji berries) is about RMB of
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How to grow goji berries by yourself

Life pressure is more and more big, people now pay more and more attention to health and health, goji berries has a very big effect, and someone often use it after water or cooking porridge to eat no matter what kind of way, can bring great effect to people’s health. So how should medlar plant?
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How to Plant Pruning Goji Berry at home

First of all, we need to buy medlar seeds or root seedlings. We suggest to buy root seedlings, which is the fastest way. Potted Goji berries is suitable for winter dormancy period. The original mother branches of Goji berries are completely truncated and retained 58 cm long. It will blossom and bear fruit after sprouting
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How to solve the problem of Lycium barbarum pests and diseases?

Disease and pest control: Lycium barbarum L. has a strong resistance to stress, and pests and diseases rarely occur. The main diseases of Lycium barbarum are black fruit disease and root rot disease. In the early stage of black fruit disease, 1:120-160 Bordeaux solution, 50% Wettable Deinococcus 1000-fold solution or 65% Wettable Deinococcus 500-fold solution
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France has become the largest exporter of Goji berry (Lycium chinense) in Qinghai

The market share of Goji berry (Lycium chinense) in Qinghai has risen sharply. France has become the largest exporter of Goji berry (Lycium chinense) in Qinghai Province. In the first ten months of this year, the export value of Goji berry (Lycium chinense) in Qinghai Province was 19.99 million yuan, of which 1.73 million yuan
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Lycium barbarum planted in Qinghai Province amounted to 700,000 Mu

The total output of fresh Lycium barbarum is 380,000 tons, of which 366,900 tons are red fruit Lycium barbarum and 132,000 tons are black fruit Lycium barbarum. In 2017, the output value of Lycium barbarum in the whole province was about 3.454 billion yuan. Lycium barbarum cultivation led to 31,000 surrounding farmers and 71,000 farmers.
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Fresh Wolfberry is as long as a finger.

Aerial photography of goji berries estate in Qaidam Basin Unpredictable and magnificent Lycium barbarum in Qinghai is crystal clear On-site picking process of Lycium barbarum in Qinghai Fresh wolfberry eaten directly, mouth can not stop Hits: 23

What are the benefits of eating five capsules Goji before going to bed at night?

I have a lot of time to work under pressure, the workload is also large, plus the child is small, so there are symptoms of backache, eyes, tears, tinnitus, and increased white hair. Judging from the self-learning knowledge of Chinese medicine, I diagnosed myself as a deficiency of kidney, and “kidney gas” is the gas
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Identification of Unsweetened Goji berry and Goji berry with sugar

Driven by the market economy, some illegal vendors have seriously disrupted the market by pretending to be genuine and suboptimal. Unsweetened wolfberry All of them are oval or spinning, with a length of 0.6-0.2 cm and a diameter of 4-8 cm. The surface is bright red or dark red, purple red with irregular wrinkles and
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See through which are poisonous wolfberries

In order to cater to people’s consumption psychology, some bad businessmen set up the wrong idea of dyeing inferior Chinese wolfberry to deceive layman consumers. Some goji berry is bright red, and it fades with a light touch. It is soaked in water, and the water is red like tomato juice. It is dyed. According
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Journal of Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology Report About Goji berry

Lycium barbarum (goji berry) belongs to Solanaceae deciduous shrub. Its fruit is 1-2 cm long and is bright orange-red ellipsoid berry. It is usually harvested in June-August. Since 4500, Lycium barbarum (goji berry) has been used as a traditional Chinese medicine and functional food in Asian countries. It is widely used in making wine, tea,
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Where is the best goji berry produced in China?

The world wolfberry is in China, the Chinese wolfberry is in Qinghai, and Ningxia. the Qinghai wolfberry is in NuoMuHong. Chinese wolfberry has been cultivated for several years, and Zhongning wolfberry is the best wolfberry in Qinghai. The reason why Chinese wolfberry in Qinghai is so famous in the world is that it benefits from
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About Goji berry history and culture

Goji berry history and culture

The legend of Goji wolfberry

Legend has it that in the Northern Song Dynasty, there was a story about a court envoy who was ordered to leave Beijing for Sichuan and other places. On the way, I met a beautiful, silky girl, aged about 16 or 7, with a bamboo pole in her hand and a murmur in her mouth,
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