Goji Berry

Do you really understand the high-value “Goji”?

Ruixue is approaching, everything is hidden in winter. The weather in heavy snow season is very cold, and people’s resistance will be much worse than other seasons. So at this time, it is suitable for us to eat some nutritious food! “Goji berry” has always been a holy product in people’s eyes. But do you
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Too much pressure, wolfberry porridge can help you prevent hair loss

How to prevent hair loss? Modern life is fast-paced, and with it comes more and more hair loss problems. About 70% of hair loss is seborrheic alopecia, and nearly 30% of hair loss is neurogenic alopecia, and less than 1% of hair loss is caused by other reasons. When people’s mental stress is too great,
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I am 50 years old and I eat wolfberry once a day, as long as I know the benefits!

After a heavy snowfall, the weather became colder and colder, and everyone put on thick cotton clothes. During this time, everyone’s appetites were very good, and they would often eat some meat to nourish the body, but there was too much meat. Always feel greasy, drink some nourishing soup to shave the body oil. My
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Choose wolfberry, please pay attention to these

Goji berries have been popular in the past two years as a good health food, but when it comes to selecting goji berries, it is also a science. The traditional drying process is to first remove the wax on the surface of the fresh fruit with alkaline water, and then evaporate the water in the
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Wolfberry originally has these 3 “magic” effects, how many do you know?

The weather is so cold, everyone should be eating goji berries! Goji berries are very common in our daily life. They are eaten in many ways and are very nutritious. They are the favorite of many middle-aged and elderly people. Not only that, goji berries have also penetrated into the hearts of many young people
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Eat wolfberry? Many people eat the wrong thing

Studies have confirmed that wolfberry is rich in nutrients and a variety of pharmacological components, and has the effects of regulating immunity, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and reducing blood lipids. Goji berries are rich in nutrients, and many people like to use it to soak in water, but if the wolfberry is soaked in the wrong way,
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Efficacy and effect with Lycium barbarum(goji)

Efficacy and effect 1. Lycium barbarum (goji)is rich in lycium barbarum polysaccharides, β-carotene, vitamin E, selenium and flavonoids and other antioxidant substances, which have a good antioxidant effect. Lycium barbarum (goji) can fight against free radical peroxidation and reduce free radical peroxidation damage, thereby helping to delay aging and prolong life. 2. Lycium barbarum (goji)
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goji tea

What are the effects of wolfberry and chrysanthemum on tea making?

It can clear the liver, clear the eyes, clear away heat and fire, reduce blood fat and pressure, moisten intestines and expel toxin, relieve dry eyes and visual fatigue. Chrysanthemum and wolfberry are both eye protecting herbs, which have a good effect on relieving eye fatigue and blurred vision. 

How many per time is appropriate when brewing the goji berry?

For most people, the use of wolfberry should not exceed 10 grams per day. If you make a pot, you can put 8-12 of them. If you make a cup, you can put 5 or 6 of them~

Why do Chinese people always drink Chinese wolfberry with thermos, is it useful?

Ask everyone a question: What water is used when brewing wolfberry?
In fact, you do n’t need to guess. Most people in China are used to drinking hot water and brewing it with boiling water. In this way, the nutrition of wolfberry can be fully diluted.

goji tea

What are the advantages of wolfberry and red date tea?

According to the Pharmacopoeia of the people’s Republic of China, the functions and indications of wolfberry are good for the heart, can calm the nerves, and can be used for deficiency of Qi and blood, panic, forgetfulness, insomnia, physical weakness, etc.

Chinese wolfberry can treat eye disorders? Academician of Jinan University has done research for 15 years

Is wolfberry good for eye health? “How much does it take to be useful?” “Can people with diabetes eat it? Can children eat it? ”
If you want to know why wolfberry can treat eye diseases, and how to eat wolfberry scientifically. This article will not disappoint you today! Because, we specially interviewed academician Su who studied Lycium for about 15 years!!!

The right way to eat black wolfberry

1. Chew directly: it will have a light sweet taste, like eating raisins

2. Make tea: brew with cold water or warm water (warm water below 60 degrees is recommended, too high temperature will destroy the anthocyanin in black wolfberry), wait for about 5 minutes to drink, and then eat the black wolfberry. According to personal taste, honey can also be added.

coffee with goji

Can we drink coffee and wolfberry together?

coffee and wolfberry together

coffee with goji

Can we drink coffee and wolfberry together?

It’s better not to drink it together. Some of it is easy to cause discomfort. If you drink coffee, you should not drink it too thick, or drink it too thick for a long time. Medlar has a little sugar in itself, and it will feel a little sweet. It’s a Chinese tea culture drink. Coffee is the representative of western culture, which can’t be tasted after mixing. The fragrance of Chinese tea culture, and the strong fragrance of coffee.

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