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About protecting the liver, you have to know

“Participate in the Love Liver Action and create a better future together.” Loving the liver and protecting the liver has gone beyond traditional disease prevention and has become a healthy lifestyle. So how much do you know about the liver? What exactly does the liver do to the human body? How should we care for
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wolfberry be dried in oven

The biggest problem in the wolfberry industry

After several years of sustained and rapid development, the wolfberry industry in Haixi Prefecture has become an industry with great regional characteristics. At present, the planting area of ​​wolfberry in the prefecture has reached 276,200 mu, and the output value and planting area are ranked second and third in the country respectively. The main production
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Some manufacturers’ bright red wolfberry is smoked with sulfur

The artificially made-up bright red wolfberry is smoked with sulfur, which can damage the liver and kidney after long-term consumption. Since this newspaper worked with CCTV’s “Is it Real” column to survey and sample the largest Chinese herbal medicine distribution center in the country, and the test results were not qualified, readers of Qianbao have
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Wolfberry is suitable for men and women

As the saying goes: “Eat medlar all year round, one can live with the world.” Lycium barbarum is a very good tonic, which can clear the liver and eyesight, nourish yin and lungs, and nourish the kidney and essence. People often use it for soaking in water, making soup, soaking wine, or cooking. Health experts
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Chinese TV drama shot with “red wolfberry” instead of “plasma”?

“Red wolfberry” is used instead of “plasma” in Chinese film and television series The news that “the crew used wolfberry juice as human blood to shoot” climbed to the top of the Weibo search list. Is wolfberry juice not expensive? Which crew is “rich” like this? It turned out that the netizen “China Ancient Costume
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The wolfberry industry faces three major development problems

Goji berry planting has both ecological and economic value and has an obvious effect in driving farmers out of poverty and is favored by farmers in the Qaidam Basin. Especially since the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan”, the planting area of ​​medlar in Qinghai has doubled several times. The reporter learned that with the rapid expansion, overcapacity
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How much wolfberry is appropriate

Why is wolfberry so red

The Weining Plain formed by the alluvial accumulation of the Yellow River is the birthplace and origin of Ningxia wolfberry. Ningxia wolfberry has a brand history of more than 500 years. In 1995, Zhongning County, Zhongwei City, Ningxia was named the “Hometown of Chinese wolfberry” by the State Council. At present, Ningxia has 1 million
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Multi-channels of wolfberry planting drives farmers and herdsmen out of poverty

Sang Zhong, a poverty-stricken household with a registered card, has been working in Yumiao Industry Co., Ltd. in Gonghe County, Hainan Prefecture, Qinghai Province for nearly two years. With the increase of stable income, their family’s life has become better and better. “I do color sorting work in a wolfberry factory. I earn 3,600 yuan
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The production and processing of wolfberry is strictly prohibited to use chemical additives

The “Regulations on Promoting the Development of Wolfberry Industry in Haixi Mongolian-Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture” recently reviewed and approved at the 12th meeting of the Standing Committee of the 13th National People’s Congress of Qinghai Province stipulates that sodium metabisulfite and its substitutes are prohibited in the production and processing of wolfberry and its products. .
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Ningxia wolfberry

Ningxia wolfberry planting area will reach 200,000 mu in 2021

On December 15, farmers prepared cuttings of wolfberry seedlings in the plantation of the Qixin Wolfberry Seedlings Professional Cooperative in Zhongning County. As the color of spring is getting stronger, Zhongning County, Zhongwei City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, has begun spring ploughing of wolfberry. Zhongning County in Ningxia is the “Hometown of Chinese Wolfberry”. In
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What are the functions and effects of Chinese wolfberry?

Lycium barbarum is the dried and mature fruit of Lycium barbarum L., a plant of the family Solanaceae. It is sweet in taste and smooth in nature. It has the effect of nourishing the liver and kidney. The “Compendium of Materia Medica” says that “long-term use of strong muscles and bones, light body, not old,
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Can pregnant women eat wolfberry?

Diet during pregnancy not only affects the normal development of the fetus. Don’t go on a diet. For most mothers, a normal, healthy, and balanced HICIBI diet during pregnancy and childbirth will naturally reduce the weight gain since pregnancy. There is no need to diet and enjoy food. It is also related to the physique
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The efficacy and role of wolfberry

Lycium barbarum (goji berries) has a variety of health benefits and is a dual-purpose food approved by the Ministry of Health. It is beneficial to health when used in moderation. Lycium barbarum (goji berries) is rich in carotene, multiple vitamins, calcium, iron and other essential nutrients for healthy eyes, so it has the effect of
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wolfberry is ranked 5th

List of 7 best foods, wolfberry is ranked 5th

The liver is the main organ of the human body with metabolic functions, and it also has the functions of storing glycogen and deoxidizing. The liver also produces bile in the digestive system. The liver of an adult is about 1,200 grams and is the largest internal organ of the human body. With the improvement
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What are the changes in the body after long-term drinking of Chinese wolfberry and red dates?

Modern people are paying more and more attention to health preservation. The simplest method of health preservation is to use simple medicinal materials to soak in water besides eating and sleeping well. Among the medicinal materials for soaking in water, wolfberry and red dates are one of the most common and popular varieties. Some people
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