“Can You Judge Longevity by Appearance? 5 Facial Features Generally Associated with Longer Life”

Judge Longevity by Appearance

“Drink More Water Every Day: Nurturing or Harming Your Kidneys? Avoid These 3 Hydration Habits to Prevent Kidney Issues”

Drink More Water

“The Fuller You Eat, the Earlier You Die”: Legitimate or Pseudoscience? Authoritative Research Provides Answers

Diet has always been closely linked to human lifespan, and with a rich culinary culture spanning millennia, the Chinese have been particular about their dietary habits. Despite the historical pursuit of hearty and satisfying meals, there’s a peculiar folk belief circulating that “the fuller you eat, the earlier you die.” Is this notion rooted in
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After 50, Beware of the Impact of Afternoon Naps on Lifespan! Follow These “Three Don’ts”

Uncle Wu, aged 63, leads a disciplined retired life: regular meals, early bedtime, early rising, and a short nap after lunch to recharge. He and his wife even engage in evening walks for exercise. However, during this year’s health checkup, he discovered elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Concerned, he stumbled upon articles linking afternoon
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61-Year-Old Man Gives Up Dinner: Lowering Cholesterol, Softening Arteries – How is His Health After Six Months?

Gives Up Dinner

Is Regular Walking Good for You? Doctor Advises 4 Points to Note After the Age of 65!

Regular Walking

Over 5000 Cases of Sudden Death! Doctor Reveals Common Habits of Those Who Experienced Sudden Death – Urges Immediate Change!

Before diving into this article, we invite you to click “Follow.” It not only makes it convenient for you to participate in discussions and share but also brings a unique sense of engagement. Thank you for your support. In a bustling district of Beijing, there’s a senior manager named Zhao Gang, whose life is so
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What Happens to a 55-Year-Old Aunt’s Body After Persistently Standing on Her Toes Every Day for a Year?

“Don’t be fooled by how I can jump and run now; a year ago, I was bedridden due to illness,” 55-year-old Aunt Li proudly exclaimed to her peers, attributing the positive changes in her body to consistently standing on her toes. A year prior, Aunt Li had spent several months bedridden due to illness. Even
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Is Tooth Loss Linked to Lifespan? What’s Considered Normal for a 60-Year-Old? Check if You Meet the Standard

At just 29 years old, Xiao Wang’s dental situation is far from optimistic. Despite her young age, she has lost a significant portion of her teeth. The remaining dozen or so teeth are assessed as grade three mobile, challenging to preserve. The best course of action for her is… It’s learned that Xiao Wang’s condition
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Feeling Cold with Icy Hands and Feet in Winter? Understanding the Root Causes and a Vital Approach

Greetings, everyone! I am Dr. Wang. If you find yourself feeling unusually cold, with icy hands and feet, it’s commonly attributed to a deficiency in spleen and kidney yang. However, it’s crucial to note that feeling cold isn’t solely linked to spleen and kidney yang deficiency. Let’s delve into the various reasons behind this sensation.
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Yellow Urine with Strong Odor – A Potential Warning Signal from Your Body

Hello everyone, I am a professional doctor. If you suddenly notice your urine turning yellow with a strong odor, pay close attention! This could be a signal of compromised health. I’ve identified three possible signals, and I’ll explain each one below. 1. Signal of Excessive Heart Fire: Yellow urine may indicate an excess of heart
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From 16.8 to 5.6 in 3 Months: Learning from Mr. Huo’s Effective Blood Sugar Management Habits

Mr. Huo, a 56-year-old patient of mine, had been living with diabetes for over a decade without taking medication. However, a routine checkup revealed his blood sugar soaring to 16.8, prompting the doctor to recommend insulin and hospitalization. Reluctant to undergo hospitalization and insulin treatment, the determined Mr. Huo negotiated with the doctor. He proposed
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Daily Farting vs. No Farting – Which is Healthier? Insights into the Unspoken Changes in Your Body

Experts believe that farting is a normal physiological phenomenon in the digestive system. A healthy person farts 5-10 times a day, releasing approximately 500 milliliters of gas. While passing gas is a natural bodily function, excessive farting might signal underlying health issues and should not be overlooked. Generation of Flatulence: When we consume food, both
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How Many Walnuts Should You Eat Every Day for “Brain Boosting”? Doctors Remind: Let’s Consult the “Chinese Pharmacopoeia”

There’s a type of food that was once held in high esteem, believed to possess the miraculous ability to “boost the brain.” This food is none other than the walnut. However, we need to clarify that walnuts are not the so-called “brain-boosting elixir.” This seemingly ordinary nut has its own unique characteristics, and its medicinal
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The Importance of Daily Anal Cleansing: A Guide for Both Men and Women

Few people are aware that we spend 2-3 years of our lives in the bathroom. The anal region, often overlooked and even considered embarrassing, bears a significant responsibility. However, the importance of its cleanliness and protection is often neglected. I. The Significance of the Anal Region: The anal region is a vital organ in the
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