Chinese liquor bubbled goji berries you have definitely not drunk

Have we, self-righteous post-80s, carefully thought about whether we have the right to soak goji berries in a thermos cup? Do we have the right to be greasy?

No, really.


Bubble goji berries in a thermos cup, pay attention to it, maintain this habit, at least should be a successful career, rich and leisure people.

Think about the post-80s us, can really do it, walk leisurely before going out, soak a dozen goji berries unhurriedly, and then take the thermos cup, sell square steps out? No, we don’t have that time, we don’t have that leisure. We were overwhelmed by endless overtime, overwhelmed by older parents, overwhelmed by the high tuition fees of our children, and overwhelmed by the mortgage that still had fifteen years. We have to work, we have to work hard to earn money, for Audi, Dior, Oreo, in order to give parents a stable old age, to give wives a delicate middle age, to give children a rich childhood.

In the office late at night, our computers emit cold light, and we in front of the screen, when we can’t stand it, stroll, open a can of Red Bull…

At this time, the greasy middle-aged people who soaked goji berries in the thermos cup have already fallen asleep, thinking in their dreams that tomorrow they will collect the yellow flower pear hand skewers in that store…

So, are you really sure that you qualify like greasy middle-aged people to soak goji berries in a thermos cup?


After the 80s, we really need thermos cups and goji berries.

A few days ago, the unit organized a physical examination, and after the 80s of the unit, none of them were completely fine. Cervical spine, lumbar spine, fatty liver, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, high uric acid… There are always two things.

Doctors say that we must stop drinking, eat healthily, and live regularly, and we say that we should be good, but our bodies can’t do it.

The leader shouted to accompany the wine, we rubbed our stomachs, thinking that we were still young and wanted to make a good impression on the leader, so, well, it must arrive.

Colleagues shouted for a party, we pouted, thinking that we were still young and could not seem unsociable, so, well, see and disperse…

Then I returned home with a belly of alcohol, looked at my wife and children who were already asleep, held the toilet and vomited, and I couldn’t wait to vomit out my heart, liver, spleen, stomach and kidneys. Then drag your hobbling body, secretly brew a cup of health care powder bought from a micro-business friend, and begin to think about tomorrow’s work with residual thinking.

At this time, the greasy uncles have finished drinking goji tea, watched soap operas, finished fighting with their wives, and began to snore.

So, are you really sure that you are qualified to leisurely soak goji berries in a thermos cup like greasy middle age?


We were embarrassed in the 80s.

We want to be the same as when we were young, and we want to earn money day and night, but our fragile liver, bulging cervical spine, and sensitive nerves are no longer allowed.

I want to be the same as greasy middle-aged, leisurely do my job every day, research and research health, fiddle with literary play, sorry, less seniority, less than age, and credit card bills, like a shot of stimulants, a shot down, the body, this already somewhat old engine, but also have to spin up with black smoke.


Finally, I wish all the post-80s who are struggling to live a life of goji berries in a thermos cup as soon as possible.

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