Chinese medicine and wolfberry that you didn’t know

Chinese medicine and wolfberry

Today we are going to explore all aspects of Chinese medicine and wolfberry

Zhang Xichun, a master of traditional Chinese medicine in the Republic of China, wrote a special article “The Solution of Lycium Barbarum” in his book “Medical Interpretation of Chinese and Western Medicine”, which tells the story of himself taking wolfberry.

Zhang Xichun (1860-1933), whose name was Shoufu, was born in Zhucheng, Shandong, and was born in Yanshan County, Hebei Province. He is one of the representatives of the Huitong School of Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine and a medical master in modern Chinese medicine.

In 1916, Lida Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the first Chinese medicine hospital in my country, was founded in Shenyang. He settled in Tianjin in 1928 and founded the Chinese Medicine Correspondence School in 1930, which trained many Chinese medicine talents. Because of his excellent medical skills and special status, his medical name is prominent.

Since Zhang Xichun was 50 years old, the yang energy in his viscera is relatively high, and he feels warm in his heart when he sleeps at night. Therefore, no matter in winter or summer, he will keep a pot of cool white at the head of the bed. Whenever he wakes up at night and feels hot in his heart, he will drink a few sips of cold water before going to bed. When I got up in the morning, I basically finished drinking a pot of water.

Chinese medicine and wolfberry

Many people around us also wake up at night, feeling hot in their chests

Example of drinking some cold water to relieve

Let’s see how Zhang Xichun solved this problem

Zhang Xichun’s prescription for herself is to chew a couple of medlars before going to bed at night. At that time, one or two was equivalent to 5 grams now. Before going to bed, chew and eat 5g wolfberry.

After taking it, the cold water in the pot at night can be drunk by half. And after getting up in the morning, I feel extremely calm and full of energy.

At that time, many Chinese doctors believed that although wolfberry was a good medicine for nourishing liver and kidney

But it tends to be warm and has the effect of promoting libido, so it cannot be taken for a long time

Therefore, there is a saying “A thousand miles away from home, do not eat wolfberry”

Zhang Xichun passed his own personal experience

Think this argument is untenable

Zhang Xichun believes that Chinese wolfberry should be calm and slightly cool, which can replenish Yuanyin

There are generally two types of heat syndromes: Yin deficiency, body heat and actual heat.

And he was fat and strong in his life, and he was full of energy during the day, and he was not lost.

Do not eat wolfberry to produce heat and cause yin deficiency

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