Chinese Sayings – Men are on business trips, don’t eat wolfberries.

don't eat wolfberries

There is a story in ancient China. The ancients passed down many life experiences in the form of colloquialisms, which are all-encompassing and involve all kinds of knowledge. The colloquialism reflects the ancient people’s views on production and life from the side. Nowadays, the times have changed, and some colloquialisms have been out of the era, but some colloquialisms still have practical significance.

Nowadays, there are still common sayings in many rural areas. Although it sounds clichéd, the truth is very profound. As descendants, we should understand some common sayings that are instructive to our lives. For example, the ancients once said: “Men are on business trips, don’t eat wolfberries.” Why did the ancients say that?

don't eat wolfberries

Wolfberry is a traditional Chinese medicine with very good effects. The main effect of wolfberry is to improve liver and kidney loss, especially kidney loss, which has a good effect. Secondly, in Western medicine, after related research, regular consumption of wolfberry helps to enhance immunity and strengthen physical fitness.

But not everyone is suitable for taking wolfberry, especially some people with poor spleen and stomach function, it is best to eat less wolfberry. Chinese medicine contains a lot of philosophical ideas, and the same is true for the use of Chinese medicine, wolfberry. People with different symptoms, not everyone can take wolfberry, and treatment should be based on syndrome differentiation.

Nowadays, people pay more attention to health preservation. In order to improve immunity, many young people will make a cup of wolfberry tea in the usual way, hoping to strengthen their physical fitness. In fact, you must be cautious when taking wolfberry. After all, different people have different physical conditions. If you take it for a long time, it may have adverse effects on your body.

don't eat wolfberries

You can’t take wolfberry blindly. Once there is a physical problem, it will be too late to regret. After all, wolfberry is a traditional Chinese medicine blindly. Since it is a medicine, there are advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, wolfberry tea is not as good as people think. Improper use can not only nourish the kidney, but may also harm the body.

Whether in ancient or modern times, it is common for men to travel far away. Ancient merchants needed to travel far, they went to other places to do business, and sometimes they couldn’t go back for a year or a half. When traveling far, the ancients discouraged men from eating goji berries.

Is there any danger for men to eat wolfberry when they go out? In fact, it is not because the effect of wolfberry is to invigorate the kidney. In addition, when a man is in his prime, his kidney qi is sufficient, and he still eats wolfberry at this time, and he is likely to be exposed to flowers and grass. When a man is away from home, the husband and wife will inevitably be emotionally lonely if they are not together. If you eat goji berries, if a man does something wrong, it adds a factor of disharmony to the family, and he is also sorry for his wife at home.

Secondly, the ancients are very reserved, and some words are not straightforward, especially women, they are often more reserved. Young couples value each other very much. After all, newly-weds are in a warming up relationship. If the husband is away, the wife will inevitably give up.

Sometimes, the husband may not go home for a year or two. At this time, the wife will tell her husband to take care of herself when he is outside. The wife may not directly tell her husband not to touch flowers, but she will tell her husband not to eat wolfberry. This is an implicit expression, which shows that the wife cares about her husband very much in her heart and attaches great importance to the relationship with her husband. After marriage, young couples will give their husbands some wolfberries in order to have children early.

Children are the concern of the husband and wife. The ancients usually had children before they left home. If there are no children in the family, the male host will not go far, and the hostess will not let the man leave the house for a long time. Because if a man has no children at home, he will worry less when he travels away. The hostess knows that in this case, if the husband likes other people outside, the probability of cheating is very high.

Therefore, young couples want to have children as soon as possible after marriage. The ancients also advocated importing children. Only when there are many children in the family can such families prosper. But how can we have children as soon as possible? The ancients believed that wolfberry can nourish the kidney, so young couples would eat some wolfberry, especially the husband.

don't eat wolfberries

If an ancient man ate wolfberry when he was away from home, would he be more likely to be touched by flowers? In fact, it varies from person to person. Some men have a heavier family concept, a deeper relationship between husband and wife, and a more rational person. In this case, there is nothing wrong with eating wolfberry. If this man is indifferent to his family after he goes out, he only pays attention to eating, drinking and having fun, even if he does not eat wolfberry, he will be in trouble.

Therefore, whether to eat or not to eat wolfberry when traveling is not the criterion for judging whether a man will be in trouble. As long as a man has a sense of responsibility, has a strong sense of family, and always cares about his wife, they will generally not be in trouble outside. .

However, in ancient times, entertainment venues such as brothels also opened their doors to do business, which did not violate court regulations. Therefore, when a man travels far away, his wife is not around, and he is in a young and middle age, and he eats wolfberry, it is difficult not to make mistakes.

But as long as you abide by your own principles, take your wife’s words to heart, and your children, you will not make mistakes. Therefore, it is not important for men to eat or not when they go out. The key lies in whether they are concerned about the family.

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