Chinese TV drama shot with “red wolfberry” instead of “plasma”?

“Red wolfberry” is used instead of “plasma” in Chinese film and television series

"red wolfberry" instead of "plasma"

The news that “the crew used wolfberry juice as human blood to shoot” climbed to the top of the Weibo search list. Is wolfberry juice not expensive? Which crew is “rich” like this?

"red wolfberry" instead of "plasma"

It turned out that the netizen “China Ancient Costume Film Troupe” posted a moving picture of the TV series “Five Rats in Tokyo”. In the picture, the magician killed people, but the blood spewed out was not “Goji berry”. “The crew used wolfberry juice instead?” As of the afternoon of the 24th, this Weibo has reposted 100,000, commented 60,000, and liked 110,000.

The reporter contacted the producer of the show for the first time. The producer said that it was really artificial plasma, not wolfberry. He also used this analogy: “If the crew uses goji berries because of poverty, it is too expensive and too wasteful, but if you use chemical pigments, the effect will be very poor, because now it’s all high-definition shooting, the color of goji berry juice is indeed similar to blood pressure , But not cheap at all. It’s just that our artificial plasma looks like goji berries from a juicer.”

Netizens laughed badly, “The crew is really rich!”

It is reported that the animation comes from the exclusive TV series “Five Rats in Tokyo” broadcast by Anhui Satellite TV. The plot is Taishi Pang’s murder, and the screen should be “white knives in and red knives out”. However, the knives are still white, white knives come in and white knives come out, and the “blood” sprayed out… really looks like “medlar”.

Netizens were crazy about it, and they followed posts: “This wolfberry is not cheap! Of course, it is not ruled out that there are cheaper…Where is this crew poor, it is clearly a local tyrant!” “The wolfberry is much more expensive than plasma! This spraying method in the play, in case one shoots one after another, one after another…The wolfberry that is consumed may cost more than the plasma!” “The sprinkled wolfberry can be soaked in water, which is environmentally friendly.” This “bloody” scene instantly made many netizens burst into laughter.

Some netizens said very intimately: “I used wolfberry for fear of staining the clothes.” Some netizens said, “This crew is so rich, it’s really luxurious!”

There is also Chen Xiao, the actor of Bai Yutang in “Five Rats in Tokyo”, who “blacked himself” on Weibo, spelled out a “white mouse” with wolfberry, and spelled it out on his face with wolfberry “Blood and tears”, made a heart-stuck shape, and accompanied by the text “Snow White Male Mouse Bleeding from Seven Orifices”…

The “magic” responded angrily

“This is called visual retention… Will I let the plasma sprinkler sprinkle wolfberries in front of the camera?”

In order to find out what exactly was sprayed in the play, the reporter contacted the producer of the play as soon as possible. The producer said that he was very helpless, “It was true that plasma was used instead of goji berries. The cost of goji berries was really high.”

Later, the crew members of the play sent a Moments to clarify the matter: “I solemnly reiterate that there is currently a media report about teacher Ma Shuliang’s “Magician Killing” in the “Five Rats in Tokyo” broadcast on Anhui Satellite TV. In the case of the prop master using wolfberry instead of plasma, because I was on the scene when filming, I witnessed that the prop master did not use wolfberry instead of plasma. Please don’t believe the false report…”

Ma Shuliang, the actor of Taishi Pang, also said in the circle of friends: “This is a bit of a joke. I am the person involved. I don’t know if the spray is plasma? This is visual retention. Can I let the plasma spray sprinkle wolfberry in front of the camera? ?”

But this effect can make the blood drop become medlar. Should the crew consider improving the technology? It seems that this “can not use plasma and use wolfberry” is really a misunderstanding.

   Producer’s open-minded response:

   We are really working hard

Regarding special effects complaints, the producer of the play, Li Gongda, is very open-minded. He told reporters: “This special effects team is a special effects team that I have worked with for many years. I am very relieved of them in terms of quality. In fact, special effects account for this drama. The ratio of is not large. As far as the ink matter is concerned, the author’s imagination must be concreted for him. When the ink is spilled out, and Zhan Zhao’s sword is swung, this ink will walk along the edge of the sword and need a little bit on the body. It’s not stained. This is easy to write, but it’s really hard to do. I think we still have a lot of room for improvement in this regard. Especially martial arts dramas are really big challenges, we really Working hard.”

“In this society, health and happiness are already the happiest people. If you like, please forward your comments.”

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