Chinese wolfberry become an American internet celebrity? Why did wolfberry conquer the United States?

When it comes to goji berry, many Chinese people will regard it as a Northwestern specialty, or as a standard health care for the elderly together with the thermos cup. Most of the way of eating it is to make tea and make soup.

According to a recent report by “Chinese Business Strategies”, in Europe and the United States, “Goji berries” have become a fashionable and healthy lifestyle popular among the younger generation in recent years. Not only do tricks appear frequently, but they have also changed from China’s “standard for the elderly” to Europe The trend of “net celebrity standard”.

In the United States, goji berry is called goji berry, which is on the same list as blueberries, cranberries and other fashionable fruits with high price and high value. The Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr has publicly exposed her own healthy recipes, including wolfberry.

Madonna once listed wolfberry as one of her “indispensable food”. On Instagram and Twitter, there is a special topic label “Goji berry”, which is widely sought after by young foreigners. Many people have also created various recipes of wolfberry that Chinese people have never thought of: wolfberry ice cream, wolfberry salad, wolfberry oatmeal breakfast, wolfberry birthday cake , Goji berry cookies, goji berry hand pilaf… In the US market, a pound of goji berries sells for 20 dollars, and a 960 ml bottle of goji juice costs 30-50 dollars. How did goji berries conquer the United States?

In fact, judging from the fact that wolfberry has become an American Internet celebrity, it is not surprising. First of all, we have to admit that as a gem of Chinese traditional medicine, wolfberry itself is extremely rich in medicinal and nutritional value.

Many of our ancient Chinese medicine formulas, and even the medicine and food homology formula, will use wolfberry as a very important ingredient of the formula, and soaking wolfberry in water is also a health care method recognized by the entire Chinese, so he has become an American Internet celebrity Compared with many previous Internet celebrities, the product is actually more justified.

Secondly, with the rapid development of science in the recent period of time, the nutritional value and medicinal value of goji berries have been discovered more than the main points of our previous Chinese medicine, and goji berries are also in line with a fashion trend of American light foodism. , It has become a low-calorie, high-nutrition, vitamin-rich, and a product of its own with many health care ingredients.

Third, it is a rapid online celebrity and marketing promotion of the wolfberry industry in the United States. We know that products such as avocados, durians, and cherries are, to some extent, the product of marketing and promotion, even like New Zealand golden fruit. This is actually Chinese kiwi fruit. He just went to New Zealand to plant it before It was sold back to China and became a super internet celebrity planned by marketing.

Goji berry itself has great medicinal value, and American companies have gradually discovered where the medicinal value of goji berry has carried out multiple rounds of marketing planning. This plan quickly made goji berry popular in the United States. Therefore, the success of wolfberry in the United States is, in a sense, the success of marketing and Internet celebrity promotion.

Of course, we must gradually realize a problem in this process. Although the wolfberry promotion in the United States is very successful, we are still a very low-end and the lowest end of the industrial chain for the entire wolfberry planting industry in China.

Chinese companies have always exported goji berries at the price of a raw material. After exporting to Europe and the United States, how these companies in the United States have processed and packaged them into a very expensive commodity. Chinese companies can’t make profits at all, while farmers in Northwest China who grow goji berries earn even lower profits.

Therefore, we must also study and think about how we should conduct our own industry chain promotion, industry chain packaging and industry chain design. Only in this way can we gradually gain the upper hand in the value chain and truly increase our profit level. Instead of exporting raw materials to others at very low prices, all the money is made by others.

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