Chinese wolfberry can treat eye disorders? Academician of Jinan University has done research for 15 years

Is wolfberry good for eye health? “How much does it take to be useful?” “Can people with diabetes eat it? Can children eat it? ”

If you want to know why wolfberry can treat eye diseases, and how to eat wolfberry scientifically. This article will not disappoint you today! Because, we specially interviewed academician Su who studied Lycium for about 15 years!!!

Academician Su is a doctor of Massachusetts Institute of technology. He talked about studying Lycium barbarum because he was curious about Lycium barbarum in traditional Chinese medicine and wanted to prove it with modern scientific methods.

In Chinese medicine, eyes and liver are closely related. If you want to “protect eyes”, you need to “protect liver”. Wolfberry itself is helpful to alcoholic liver and fatty liver.

Academician Su began to do animal experiments several years ago. He studied the components of Lycium barbarum polysaccharide and retinal ganglion cells. The results showed that after taking Lycium barbarum polysaccharide, it can delay eye diseases and has therapeutic effect on eye diseases and diabetic eye diseases.

Then academician Su made a new discovery: Chinese wolfberry can slow down the deterioration of vision of retinitis pigmentosa patients. It’s very exciting.

How much do you have to eat?

Academician Su’s suggestion is: 40-50 capsules a day for healthy people, and an appropriate increase for patients with eye diseases.

Academician Su has been eating Chinese wolfberry for 20 years. Before, he used to wash the dried fruit of Chinese wolfberry and soak it in water. After drinking the water of Chinese wolfberry, he also ate the fruit. Because there are two main ingredients of Chinese wolfberry, one is water-soluble and the other is non-water-soluble. In this way, we can eat it to the best of our ability. Compared with water, porridge and wolfberry are less effective.

Academician Su said that wolfberry is very safe. You can buy it in a regular shop. Now there are some processed products of Lycium barbarum, which extract the polysaccharides from Lycium barbarum, but to buy such products, it is more necessary to identify the authenticity.

Diabetes patients are not afraid, Lycium barbarum polysaccharide is safe for them, will not aggravate the disease. It is better not to eat Chinese wolfberry if you are taking some blood activating drugs or are preparing for surgery.

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