Chinese wolfberry eaten daily can treat gout

“Goji berry can inflate qi, replenish blood, generate yang, grow yin, reduce fire, and remove rheumatism. It has a perfect magical effect.” Therefore, it is often used as a traditional Chinese medicine in daily life. It is a good tonic and also a kind of Food ingredients can nourish liver and kidney, improve eyesight, nourish blood, and strengthen immunity. Taking two handfuls a day also has a good therapeutic effect on gout.

wolfberry treat gout

Patients with gout often experience sudden joint pain at night, the onset is acute, severe pain, edema, redness, and inflammation appear in the joint area, and the pain gradually decreases until it disappears, lasting several days or weeks.

wolfberry treat gout

Wolfberry is rich in 14 kinds of amino acids, calcium, iron, vitamin B, vitamin C and other trace elements, vitamins, beta carotene and other nutrients. Modern medical research has found that it can resist fatigue and lower blood lipids. It is often used in the treatment of diabetes, hyperlipidemia, liver disease and tumors, especially for eye care, and can achieve the effect of protecting eyes and preventing vision degradation.

Gout attacks are mostly caused by the decline of kidney function or long-term use of painkillers. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the liver stores blood and the kidney stores essence, and essence and blood breed each other. The liver and kidneys are the foundation of the viscera, and only the liver and kidneys complement each other in order to achieve a balanced state of the viscera and delay aging.

wolfberry has the effect of strengthening the liver and nourishing the kidney. The betaine component contained in it can inhibit the deposition of fat in liver cells, prevent fatty liver and cirrhosis, promote liver cell regeneration, restore liver function, and protect normal liver cells.

In addition, it should be noted that not all gout patients have kidney deficiency, so if you want to use wolfberry to improve gout, you must be diagnosed by a doctor before using it.

Although wolfberry is a nourishing ingredient, it should not be overdone. Generally speaking, healthy adults can consume 20 grams a day. For therapeutic effects, it can be increased to 30 grams (approximately the amount of the second hand). Most of the vitamins contained in wolfberry are water-soluble and easily destroyed by heat. Heating is not recommended. It can be eaten raw or soaked in water.

Goji berries are suitable for consumption all year round. It is autumn, and the air is dry. It needs to be matched with moisturizing foods, such as Sydney, Chuanbei, Lily, Polygonatum odoratum, etc. It can also be used with some acidic foods, such as hawthorn and other ingredients, to achieve the effect of “sour and sweetness”. **

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