Chinese wolfberry is much better than natto in terms of nutrition and flavor

Chinese wolfberry is a kind of health food that has been part of Chinese diet for thousands of years. It is known for its many health benefits, such as improving immune system, protecting heart, vision and liver, reducing eye fatigue and so on. Compared with Japanese natto, Chinese wolfberry has many advantages.

First of all, Chinese wolfberry is more nutritious. It contains more than 18 kinds of amino acids and more than 10 vitamins. It also has a high content of dietary fiber and polysaccharides. In contrast, natto is mostly composed of protein and has very little dietary fiber. Besides, Chinese wolfberry has multiple functions in health. It helps to improve physical strength, digestion, detoxification, and even fertility. As for natto, it is mainly used to improve intestinal function.


In addition, Chinese wolfberry has a much better taste. It has a sweet taste, while natto is smelly and sticky. This means Chinese wolfberry can be eaten directly, while natto needs to be cooked before eating. Moreover, Chinese wolfberry is more convenient for people to store. It can be dried and stored for a long time. But for natto, it needs to be refrigerated and eaten within one day.

In conclusion, Chinese wolfberry is much better than natto in terms of nutrition and flavor. It also has more health benefits, and is much more convenient to store. So it is no wonder that Chinese wolfberry is a popular health food among Chinese people.

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