Chinese wolfberry, medicine and food, what are the benefits of eating Chinese wolfberry during pregnancy?

eating Chinese wolfberry during pregnancy

Lycium barbarum has a variety of health benefits, including polysaccharides, fatty acids, betaine, carotene, riboflavin, niacin, amino acids, vitamin C and various trace elements. In addition to the symptoms such as the treatment of deficiency of fatigue and essence, waist and knee pain, dizziness, tinnitus, internal heat and thirst, blood deficiency and chlorosis, and unconsciousness. It can also enhance human immune function, delay aging, anti-tumor, lower blood fat, protect liver and kidney, promote hematopoietic function, resist genetic damage, lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, etc.

eating Chinese wolfberry during pregnancy

Wolfberry is both a medicine and a food. For most people in our country, they have basically eaten food with wolfberry, including wolfberry soup, stew, and soaking in water. And wolfberry is suitable for people of different genders, the effect of protecting the liver and kidney is suitable for men, and the effect of nourishing blood and beauty is suitable for women. So it is loved by most people. However, there is a group of people. Pregnant women are a special group. Because of their special circumstances, the health and safety of the pregnant mother and the baby in the abdomen must be taken into consideration in the diet or drug use. Therefore, most pregnant mothers have doubts about the consumption of wolfberry during pregnancy. So, can pregnant women eat wolfberry during pregnancy?

Lycium barbarum is rich in vitamins and proteins, which can enhance the body’s ability to resist viruses, thereby promoting the metabolism of toxic and harmful substances in the body, and enhancing the body’s immunity. From the perspective of pregnant women, wolfberry can be consumed in moderation. Lycium barbarum is rich in nutrition, high in carbohydrates and protein, and rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition to regulating the immune activity of pregnant women and supplementing the nutrition of pregnant women and fetal growth and development, the most important thing is wolfberry It has a very good blood-tonifying effect, and regular consumption by pregnant women can assist in the treatment of pregnancy anemia.

Vitamin A rich in wolfberry is an important component of vision cells, so pregnant women often eat wolfberry to promote vision development for the fetus. Lycium barbarum is rich in calcium and iron ions, which can promote fetal bone development and tooth growth, which is conducive to fetal formation. Lycium barbarum is rich in nutrients and unsaturated fatty acids. Regular consumption can promote the brain development of the fetus, which is beneficial to the brain and intelligence.

From the perspective of food nutrition, wolfberry is indeed a good thing, especially for pregnant women. However, wolfberry is also a medicine after all, so one is to pay attention to the quantity. Generally speaking, pregnant women should try not to consume more than 10 wolfberries per day. Only in this way can we ensure the full absorption of nutrients and the normal maintenance of body temperature. And if excessive consumption of wolfberry, it will cause blood heat, resulting in nosebleeds and other phenomena, which is not conducive to health during pregnancy. Another part of pregnant women is not easy to eat wolfberry. For example, pregnant women have symptoms of stomach cold, so generally do not eat wolfberry, because wolfberry itself is a heat-dissipating food, after eating it will stimulate your stomach and cause more serious discomfort. If pregnant women have diarrhea, do not eat wolfberry, because wolfberry itself has a laxative effect, in this case, eating wolfberry will cause more serious diarrhea.

There are many ways to eat wolfberry, and different methods lead to different effects. Under normal circumstances, dry eating is relatively effective. However, some pregnant women may feel that dry food is not tasty, so soaking in water or boiling soup is also a good choice.

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