Choose wolfberry, please pay attention to these

Inferior wolfberry

Goji berries have been popular in the past two years as a good health food, but when it comes to selecting goji berries, it is also a science.

The traditional drying process is to first remove the wax on the surface of the fresh fruit with alkaline water, and then evaporate the water in the fresh fruit through continuous turning and drying. During the drying process, the pulp of wolfberry will be obviously damaged due to bruising, crushing, crushing, etc., resulting in a large loss of nutrients and a black color. Most of the dried goji berries on the market are poorly sold, generally dark red, dark yellow, and shriveled, while the brightly colored dried goji berries are mostly smoked with excessive sulfur, which poses great health risks.

At this time, freeze-dried goji berries stand out. Freeze-dried goji berries are a new type of production process that is different from ordinary dried goji berries. Freeze-dried wolfberry is processed by washing fresh wolfberry directly at low temperature. Since only the water in the pulp is taken out without destroying other nutrients, freeze-dried wolfberry not only maximizes the retention of various nutrients in the fresh wolfberry, but also solves the problem. The problem of mixing impurities such as sand and insect eggs in the drying process is solved. The most important thing is to avoid the food poisoning problem caused by the addition of alkaline water, sodium sulfite, sulfur and other excessive chemicals in the drying of wolfberry. It is a safe, non-additive Green food.

So, how to distinguish them? It’s simple, one look, two smells and three tastes.

At first glance, freeze-dried goji berries are larger than normal dried goji berries.

Second smell, because freeze-dried wolfberry has no additives, it smells a light fragrance, while ordinary dried wolfberry has chemical additives, which will be pungent.

Three tastes, freeze-dried wolfberry tastes crispy and sweet, while ordinary dried wolfberry will have a bitter taste.

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