Classification Criteria of Goji berry

Classification Criteria of Goji berry

Generally, the picking time of Lycium barbarum is 8-9 ripening, when the fruit is orange-red, the fruit body is slightly soft, the fruit pedicels begin to loosen, easy to pick. Picking once every 6-7 days in full fruit period, early or late picking all affect the quality. The sun drying ground is generally located in the open space of the sun. The fruit stack is made of two wooden frames 1.8 meters long and 0.9-0.9 meters wide with a reed mat or bamboo curtain. The two ends are more than 50 centimeters high. Fresh harvested fruits are evenly spread out on the fruit stack with a thickness of 2-3 cm. In rainy and cloudy days, take the method of moving or patting the bottom of fruit stack to prevent mildew. Under normal conditions, dried fruit can be obtained after 10 days of drying. A kind of
Grading and packaging are rough processing according to market needs after acquisition. A kind of
The Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Health of the State Council promulgated six standards for the grading of Lycium barbarum.

Gongguo 180-220 grains;
king: 250-280 grains/50g;
Grade B: 580 grains or more/50g;
requires uniform particle size, no dry seeds, oil grains, impurities, moths, mildew.

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