Did you choose the right wolfberry? Why is the price of wolfberry so different?

the price of wolfberry

Many people left messages on the website and asked me why the price of goji berries I saw on the Internet varies so much, ranging from a dozen yuan per catty to more than 100 per catty. The price difference is too great. How should I choose that? What are the impacts on the price of wolfberry?

First of all, wolfberry has issued 6 grades based on the size of wolfberry: uniform color, no oil particles, black fruit; respectively, Gongguo, wolfberry king, super premium, super, grade A, and grade B (the oil particles cannot exceed 15 %).

the price of wolfberry

Generally speaking, the larger the wolfberry and the higher the grade, the more expensive the wolfberry. Many people have a question here, Qinghai wolfberry particles are large, why is the price of wolfberry of the same grade cheaper than Ningxia wolfberry?

This is because goji berries are picked every year, and many goji berries have to be stored for a long period of time, while Qinghai goji berries are easy to agglomerate because of its sugar content and are difficult to preserve. On the one hand, it increases the difficulty of storage, on the other hand, it affects the appearance of wolfberry, so the price is low. In fact, the color and shape of wolfberry will also affect the price of wolfberry.

the price of wolfberry

The different production standards of goji berries also have a great impact on the price of goji berries. The general idea of ​​goji berry growers is to grow and buy high-priced goji berries at a minimum cost. This type of goji berries is the most on the market. Some goji berries have high requirements on the planting environment and planting process, such as green goji and organic goji berries. Their cultivation costs are high, and the price will be higher.

Then how to choose reliable goji berries, you can find the kind of self-produced and self-sold individuals or cooperatives that do not sell much, and grow them yourself, which is often better. If the quality of goji berries is high, then Buy best-selling well-known brands on Amazon.

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