Do you know that there is really toxic goji in the world?

According to the official data of China inspection bureau, for example, dried fruit, tremella, red dates, dried lily, rose tea, chrysanthemum tea and so on are prone to sulfur dioxide residue.

toxic goji

So are goji berries. Goji berries need to be dried and dehydrated. If they are not dried in a factory, they will be dried in the traditional way, which is influenced by the weather.

toxic goji

When it rains, the color of the wolfberry will turn black. Under the picture will be considered broken, can not sell, how to do?

toxic goji pk goji

Some bad merchants use sodium sulfite or sodium pyrosulfite to make up for the loss. Excess sulfur dioxide may keep goji berries dry and less perishable.

It can also shorten the drying time and make the wolfberry look better.

If long-term consumption of sulfur dioxide wolfberry, liver and kidney caused great harm.

toxic goji exam
toxic goji lab

Below are ten types of Chinese wolfberry for sulfur dioxide residue detection. Chinese national standards stipulate that the residual sulfur dioxide content of Chinese wolfberry should not exceed 50mg/kg

Discoloration indicates excessive sulfur dioxide.

Sulfur dioxide exceeding the standard of Chinese wolfberry, mostly from small farmers, and small dealers. Buy Chinese wolfberry try to choose a large brand and through international certification manufacturers

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