Do you know? The wolfberry is a treasure all over!

Wolfberry is a traditional Chinese medicinal material. Since ancient times, wolfberry has been a good nourishing product. It is called “Chilaozi”. It has significant anti-aging, nourishing liver and kidney, and improving eyesight. Nowadays, many people often face their computers and mobile phones. In order to protect their eyes and improve their eyesight, many office workers often soak wolfberry water to drink, and use wolfberry soup for more advanced ones.

wolfberry is a treasure

But most office workers just soak it in water to save trouble. Experts say that simply drinking the water soaked in wolfberry can not fully absorb the nutrients. If matched with other ingredients, it will not only fully absorb nutrients, but also double the effect!

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First, let’s take a look at the efficacy of wolfberry

wolfberry is a treasure

Modern research shows that wolfberry has the effects of lowering blood sugar, anti-fatty liver, and anti-atherosclerosis. In addition, wolfberry is also a good medicine for strengthening the body, nourishing the essence and marrow, nourishing yin and nourishing the kidney, replenishing qi and calming the nerves, strengthening the body, and delaying aging. It has significant effects on chronic hepatitis, central retinitis, and optic nerve atrophy; Protecting the liver, lowering blood pressure, and aging diseases of the elderly with organ decline have a strong improvement effect.

  • Delay aging

Goji berry has been a nourishing and nourishing top grade since ancient times. It has the effect of delaying aging and anti-aging, so it is also called “Kai Lao Tzu”. The vitamin C content of wolfberry is higher than orange, the content of β-carotene is higher than that of carrot, and the iron content is higher than that of steak.

  • Impotence
wolfberry is a treasure

The aphrodisiac function played by wolfberry is surprising. Wolfberry is called “Fruit Viagra”. From this point of view, it must have aphrodisiac effect. Then one of the characteristics of wolfberry that distinguishes it from other fruits is that it can reduce the cholesterol content in the human body.

In many cases, the physical ability of men is related to the kidney, because the kidney contains essence. So the reason why our human body can distinguish the strong or not is with the kidney function. Therefore, wolfberry can help men nourish the kidneys and essence, and the medicinal properties of wolfberry are very peaceful. Since ancient times, wolfberry has been used as a medicine to strengthen the body, so the effect can be guaranteed.

  • Whitening and beauty

For women, eating wolfberry often can also whiten and beautify the skin. Taking a cup of wolfberry tea every day can increase the activity of skin cells and increase the ability of the skin to absorb oxygen, so that it can help the surface skin cells to maintain sufficient nutrients and make the skin more white and elastic.

  • Nourish the liver and improve eyesight

wolfberry is sweet and calm in nature, and belongs to the liver and kidney meridian. It has the effect of nourishing liver and kidney, nourishing liver and improving eyesight. It is often used with rehmannia, chrysanthemum, yam, cornus and other medicines.

  • Tonic deficiency and produce essence

Goji berries are treasures all over the body. Goji berries can nourish deficiency and produce essence. They can be used as medicine or for making tea, wine, and stewing soup. If they can be drunk regularly, they can strengthen the body.

Dry chewing is the most nutritious, but control the amount!

Chewing directly with your mouth will more fully absorb the nutrients in the wolfberry, which is more conducive to the health effects of the wolfberry. Physicians of the past dynasties often used wolfberry to treat dizziness and night blindness caused by insufficient liver blood and kidney yin deficiency. But pay attention to when chewing wolfberry, it is best to halve the amount of eating, otherwise it is easy to nourish too much.

When soaking wolfberry, add some other foods to match, it is more nutritious and convenient. So which foods will be more nutritious when mixed with wolfberry?

Second, goji berries with these foods are more nutritious

  • Chinese wolfberry + red dates
    wolfberry and red dates have the functions of invigorating the spleen and stomach, and protecting the liver. The two complement each other. In addition, red dates have the effect of nourishing qi and nourishing blood, and are called “natural vitamin pills”. In winter, I often drink wolfberry and red date tea, which not only warms the body but also enhances the ability to resist the cold, women often drink it, whether it is complexion or skin condition, it will be better.

Method: Before the red dates are soaked in water, it is best to fry them in a pot over medium heat for a few minutes, and wait until the skin of the dates becomes darker. Let cool for later use. Then put it in the teapot together with the wolfberry, pour in hot water to brew, you can also put a little rock sugar according to your taste. Cover and simmer for 5 minutes, you can taste the fragrant wolfberry red date tea.

Some netizens may ask, why is the dose not given? Generally, fruit food is soaked in water and does not require a specific dosage. Just like we usually drink tea, you can quantify it randomly, or you can use a 5:5 or 4:6 method to quantify. The following are similar.

  • Chinese wolfberry + longan
    The most prominent effect of this tea is to soothe the nerves and help sleep. People who often suffer from insomnia, dreaminess and heart palpitations may wish to drink it regularly, which has a good conditioning effect.

Method: Compared to brewing with water, steaming is recommended. Both taste and taste are better. The specific method is also very simple. Wash the wolfberry, put it in a container with the longan meat, add a proper amount of water and raisins, and steam for 15 minutes. The soft waxy longan and the nourishing goji berries are delicious and nourishing.

  • Wolfberry + Chrysanthemum
    Chinese wolfberry chrysanthemum tea can relieve eye fatigue, enhance eyesight, and have outstanding effects in eye protection. Office workers and students who use their eyes often can drink some regularly. Before drinking, close your eyes and approach the cup. The warm water vapor can eliminate the fatigue and dryness of the eyes and feel more comfortable.
wolfberry is a treasure

Method: Put the washed wolfberry and appropriate amount of chrysanthemum in a cup, add water to brew, wait for ten minutes, you can drink the fragrance of wolfberry chrysanthemum tea.

  • Chinese wolfberry + yam
    The nourishing effects of Chinese yam and wolfberry intersect in many ways. Both can strengthen the kidneys, reduce blood sugar, and nourish the spleen and stomach. Coupled with the effect of medlar to replenish yang, drinking in winter can also enhance cold tolerance.
    Method: Peel and wash the yam and cut into small cubes. After washing the rice, pour it into the pot together with the yam. Add the wolfberry to a boil on high heat. Change to a low heat and simmer for about 15 minutes. Wait until the porridge becomes thick. Sprinkle some chopped green onion and salt.
  • Wolfberry + Hawthorn
    The most prominent effect of wolfberry and hawthorn tea is to lower blood fat and protect blood vessels, which has a certain preventive effect on arteriosclerosis.
    Method: Fresh hawthorn or dried hawthorn slices can be used, pour it into a teacup together with wolfberry, and soak in boiling water for about 15 minutes. The sour taste can be appetizing, and it is also very good to drink as a drink.

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