Do you really eat Chinese wolfberry? Would you like to eat dry or soak in water?

Whether it is cooking, pickling wine, pot soup, has been widely used in our lives.

eat Chinese wolfberry

Chinese wolfberry soaking water and pot soup are the most common ways of eating, but you may see a statement on the Internet that drinking Chinese wolfberry soaking water is actually not very good for the body, nutrition is basically wasted, is that true? In fact, there is some truth in this statement. After soaking in water, the dregs of Chinese wolfberry are often thrown out together. In this way, we simply can not effectively absorb the beneficial ingredients of Chinese wolfberry.

Nutritional research found that Lycium barbarum contains a kind of zeaxanthin which can protect the eyes. It can accumulate a lot in the retina, reduce ultraviolet stimulation and protect the optic nerve from damage. The human body can not produce this component, but can only rely on eating. The content of zeaxanthin in most foods is very low, but the content of Lycium barbarbarum is very high.

However, zeaxanthin is insoluble in water and can not be completely released by soaking or boiling soup alone. So the best and easiest way to give full play to the nutritional effect of wolfberry is to chew it up and eat it.
Dear friends, do you often drink with medlar soaking water? How do you think wolfberry is the most nutritious? Please leave a message in the comments section below.

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