Do you really know the correct use of wolfberry?

I believe many people know that wolfberry can not only make soup, but also simply soak in water for drinking. But most people don’t know the correct way to use wolfberry.
! ! ! Pay attention to the debris on the surface of the wolfberry, which needs to be cleaned up! ! !

use of wolfberry

Most goji berries in the world are dried and packaged and sold to ordinary people. But just as the wolfberry is mature, to be picked, to the process of being air-dried, because the water does not evaporate, the surface of the wolfberry has different degrees of wrinkles. These folds have also become a good place to hide dirt. Although manufacturers now claim what they are like in terms of processing technology, they still cannot avoid pollution.

Well, let’s take a look now, how to open the wolfberry in the correct way!
According to personal taste, go for a small amount

First, take an appropriate amount of wolfberry and place it in a container to remove the visible impurities such as leaf fragments on the wolfberry. Add a small amount of room temperature drinking water and soak for 10-20 minutes.
Soak in room temperature water for 10-20 minutes

use of wolfberry

Soaking in normal temperature water will not affect the color of wolfberry, it can effectively remove a large amount of impurities, and will not harm the cell structure of wolfberry.

Then, after the wolfberry soaked at room temperature is taken out, it can be seen that a large amount of impurities will precipitate at the bottom of the container. I carefully rubbed the folds on the surface of the wolfberry with my fingers and rinsed with running water to wash away the impurities in the folds as much as possible.

Second, rinse the wolfberry with clean water, add warm water at 40 degrees Celsius to the container this time, soak it for 3-5 minutes, and observe the color of the wolfberry slightly. Then pour out the warm water, shake the container evenly when dumping, and pour out the impurities that settle here.
Soak in warm water at 40 degrees Celsius for 3-5 minutes

Soaking in warm water for a short time can make the folds of the wolfberry surface more stretched, and the impurities are exposed, which is conducive to precipitation. It will not affect the color too much and affect the taste behind.

After the previous soaking in water to remove impurities, and a soaking in warm water to remove impurities, now we can put the clean wolfberry in a pot, add boiling water, and brew for 10 minutes, a pot of sweet wolfberry tea will be brewed, and more You can drink it with red dates and astragalus according to your preference. The wolfberry tea at this time not only has no impurities, but also maintains the color and slightly sweet taste of wolfberry.
Steep in boiling water for 10 minutes, a pot of sweet wolfberry tea

Some people may think that the editor is too hypocritical, but isn’t health preservation for a healthy body and a scientific method?

Okay, now let’s review the steps! Take wolfberry-add clean water at room temperature-after removing impurities-add warm water again for soaking-remove impurities again-add boiling water-drink with confidence. If I can be healthy, I would rather be hypocritical

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