Do you really understand the wolfberry in the thermos?

Wolfberry is a common tonic in our daily life. Soaking wolfberry in a vacuum flask has also become one of the common health maintenance methods for many people.

wolfberry in the thermos

So does wolfberry really have a health effect on our health? How should we choose good-quality wolfberry?

First of all, strictly speaking, what we often use in our lives is actually not wolfberry, but the dried and mature fruit of wolfberry-wolfberry, also known as wolfberry, citrus fruit, Mingmuzi, etc. wolfberry is mainly produced in Ningxia, my country , Qinghai, Shandong, Henan and other places.

Eating wolfberry has many benefits to the human body, and the most significant effect is improving eyesight and beauty. Wolfberry can nourish kidney essence. Chinese medicine believes that kidney is water, liver is wood, and aquatic wood. The first benefit of kidney essence is the liver, which resuscitates the eyes, so eat more wolfberries to improve eyesight.

wolfberry in the thermos

And medlar can improve the ability of skin to absorb nutrients. The content of β-carotene in medlar is higher than that in carrots. Natural β-carotene can resist aging, fight cancer and prevent skin damage in the sun, so medlar has a certain beauty effect.

If you don’t eat wolfberry and drink only wolfberry water, then only a small amount of β-carotene, lutein and other biologically active substances may be precipitated, most of which are still in the pulp. Many people think that soaking wolfberry in hot water can “activate” the nutrition and soak it out.

In fact, the advantage of soaking wolfberry in hot water is that it can soak the wolfberry in a short time and has a certain sterilization effect. But the shortcomings are also obvious. It is easy to destroy the vitamins in wolfberry, because there are many vitamins that are not resistant to high temperatures. Therefore, soaking wolfberry in hot water does not provide a good nutritional supplement.

It should be noted that although wolfberry is good, it is not suitable for everyone. Because wolfberry itself has the effect of warming the body, people with weak physical fitness and poor resistance can eat more in moderation, but people with colds, fever, inflammation, and diarrhea should not eat it. For healthy people, wolfberry is not suitable to eat too much.

How can we choose high-quality wolfberry?

one look. Normal medlars are mostly dark red, the navel is white, and the color distribution is uneven.

Second grip. Normal and high-quality goji berries have good dryness, and the grains are distinct in the hand and will not stick together.

Three smells. Put the wolfberry in a confined space for a while, if it emits a pungent smell, it is probably smoked with sulfur.

Four tastes. Put the wolfberry directly in your mouth and chew it. The wolfberry that has been soaked in alum will have a bitter taste of alum when chewed, and the wolfberry that has been smoked by sulfur has a sour, astringent and bitter taste.

Five bubbles. Throw a few medlars in warm water. The high-quality ones are not easy to sink, and the color of the soaking is pale yellow or orange; while the processed medlars fade seriously.

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