Does black wolfberry have anticancer effect?

Medlar Health is well known. In recent years, black wolfberry is rich in protein, wolfberry polysaccharide, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, microelements and other nutrients because of its more anthocyanin content than blueberry.

Black wolfberry gradually enters people’s field of vision. However, even if we can’t determine the anti-cancer effect of black wolfberry, we can’t deny that it has certain health care effect on human body. Anthocyanin can improve the blood circulation, and make our decaying capillaries recover gradually. It is called “antidote of arteriosclerosis”. As long as consumers can face it rationally, do not hold high expectations, and wait for black wolfberry to have the effect of anti-cancer vaccine, it is a good health product.

Traditional Chinese medicine suggests that black wolfberry should be eaten in small amount and many times, but not once and many times. It is more suitable for healthy adults to eat 5g of black wolfberry every day.

In addition, the black wolfberry can’t be completely absorbed when it is soaked in water or boiled in soup. Due to the influence of water temperature, soaking time and other factors, only part of the medicinal ingredients can be released into the soup. In order to play a better role, it’s better to eat the wolfberry in the soup together.

Without any processing, the absorption of nutrients by directly chewing wolfberry will be more abundant. You can wash the wolfberry with water, and then directly chew it, but the dosage should be reduced.

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