Don’t eat black goji berries – the efficacy and function of black goji berries

Life is only dozens of years, victory and decline, honor and disgrace, right and wrong are passed in a blink of an eye, health and happiness is bliss, everything should not be troubled, easy every day.

No one knows why the first seed chose to place its home in the vast Gobi in the Haixi region of Qinghai Province, but the black goji berry, which has withstood the wind and sand and withstood drought, concealed its tender body among the thorny thorns. At first, the humble black goji berry was not recorded in ancient books, but was recorded in Tibetan medicinal classics such as the Four Medical Classics and the Crystal Pearl Materia Medica: it can be used to “delay aging, enhance physical fitness, regulate menstruation and nest, protect the liver and eyes.” ”

Don’t eat black goji berries, because it will make your skin firm and fair, then no one will see your age, and maybe you will have a lot of suitors and make you troubled.

Don’t eat black goji berries, because it will increase your immunity, then you will rarely go to the hospital, and the income of the hospital will be reduced, the doctor’s salary will decrease, there is no money to consume can not drive domestic demand, resulting in overcapacity, economic depression, think how terrible it is.

Don’t eat black goji berries, because it will make your eyes bright, then you will see the whole world through, everything is not interesting, keep a little suspense, leave a little excitement, so that life is exciting enough.

Don’t eat black goji berries, it will make the elderly physically healthy, so that children want to buy some health care products to honor their parents will become no choice.

Don’t eat black goji berries, because it will make your sleep normal, then you will reduce the time to study at night, do not have enough time to learn new things, how can you keep up with the development of the times.

Women should not eat black goji berries, because it will make you more feminine, and in this era of aesthetic neutrality, you may become very “lonely”.

Men should never eat black goji berries, because it will make you more manly, and in this aesthetically neutral era, you may become very “lonely”.

Therefore, in order not to increase troubles, not economic regression, in order to live a wonderful life, children embody filial piety, study hard, and no longer be “lonely”, or eat black goji berries cautiously.

Can black goji berries really make you more feminine, with firmer, fairer skin and no one can see your age?

The efficacy and function of black goji berries, the answer is certain, black goji berries have anti-aging, beauty and beauty effects. This is because black goji berries are rich in anthocyanins, which are known as “oral skin cosmetics” and are especially good for the skin when consumed regularly. The anthocyanins in black goji berries can well resist the oxidation of cells from the outside world, effectively remove the accumulation and precipitation of free radicals of harmful substances in the skin, delay the aging of human cell tissues, and protect collagen, so as to make the skin fresh and elastic, maintain a youthful state, reduce wrinkles, and delay aging. Black goji berries are currently the most natural and effective beauty and anti-aging ingredients, and are praised as “women’s beauty holy products” and “natural anti-aging artifacts” by the majority of women.

At the same time, anthocyanins have strong ultraviolet absorption, which can fade pigment and inhibit the formation of lipofuscin and age spots. That is to say, regular consumption of black goji berries can moisturize, lighten pigmentation, and thus whiten and rejuvenate.

Can black goji berries really make you more manly, stronger and healthier?

The efficacy and function of black goji berry, black goji berry has the effect of nourishing the liver and kidney, and benefiting the shrewd purpose. Westerners, who have always been cautious about Chinese medicine, are highly sought after by black goji berries. This fruit, still unknown to the Western world, is quietly making its way into Westerners’ recipes and supermarkets. Madonna, Elizabeth? Many international superstars such as Hurley have a soft spot for black goji berries. Known as “Fruit Viagra”, with the increase in popularity, black goji berries have also been introduced to consumers in the UK as a health dried fruit in the British Tesco supermarket. The British, who originally knew nothing about black goji berries, gradually understood that the vitamin C content in small goji berries was higher than that of oranges, the content of β-carotene was higher than that of carrots, and the iron content was higher than that of steak! In addition to its rich nutrients, the aphrodisiac function of goji berries is even more incredible to Westerners. Savvy British merchants simply refer to goji berries as “fruit Viagra”. Therefore, it is not suitable for young men and women who travel far away from home.

Seeing the efficacy and function of black goji berries, black goji berries are so much a little, I would rather become “lonely”, and finally I chose to eat. But in the end, I still have to suggest, now I have been drinking black goji berries, during the period I used a lot of black goji berries from other families, but I feel that the quality is not good, through several comparisons I finally chose Qianyi good black goji berries, and will insist on drinking them in the future. Which brand of black goji berries is good? It is still recommended that you choose Qianyi good black goji berries, originated, authentic, and authentic, so as not to spend money in vain~

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