Drinking wolfberry for 35 days, blood sugar really dropped

Drinking wolfberry for 35 days

Ms. Zhou, 29 years old this year, graduated with a doctorate degree from a certain university, currently working as an executive in a company, not only looks beautiful and beautiful, but also has a good figure. Such excellent conditions make her the most elegant lady in the company, not one of them.

blood sugar really dropped

Just six months ago, Ms. Zhou had a large area of ​​peeling skin on her face, and at the same time, there were many small bumps, which made her very worried. Whenever a colleague asked, she vaguely stated that it was caused by allergies. Taking advantage of the rest, Ms. Zhou went to the hospital for an examination alone. The results were unbelievable. She was diagnosed with early diabetes and her fasting blood sugar reached 18, which was like a nightmare for Ms. Zhou.

In fact, when diabetes comes, there will be some abnormal signals in the body. Take the face as an example, there will also be alarms. We must pay attention to it, otherwise it may delay treatment.

Diabetes is coming, the face knows! When there are 3 abnormalities on the face, it may be that diabetes is knocking on the door

  1. Glossy

Most people complain about their skin problems. Not only are their faces shiny, they often get acne. In fact, this may be a sign that diabetes is coming. People who have too much oil on their faces may be caused by abnormal insulin secretion. If the tender secretion is disturbed, the islet function must be checked in time.

  1. Facial edema

Everyone knows that drinking too much water at night may cause edema in the face the next day, but this may also be a sign of diabetes. This is because the antidiuretic hormone in the body is released, causing sodium and water retention. The thyroid function is impaired, so it will be accompanied by symptoms of face swelling.

  1. Dry and peeling skin

During the season, most people’s skin may be dry or even peeling. In fact, this may also be caused by increased blood sugar. If a large amount of glucose is not absorbed and utilized, it will accumulate in the body, which will irritate the skin and cause some problems. Symptoms of itching and red spots occur, and this itching is relatively stubborn, which seriously affects people’s normal life.

Therefore, once these abnormal problems appear on the face, you must check your blood sugar in time. Moreover, the typical symptoms of diabetes include frequent dry mouth and thirst, increased urination, increased appetite, weight loss and other symptoms, which also require vigilance. Yes, after the blood sugar is found to be too high, don’t worry too much. As long as you develop a reasonable diet, you can control your blood sugar so that it no longer fluctuates.

It is often said in the folks that wolfberry lowers blood sugar, is this really the case? The answer is of course no. Most people have the practice of soaking wolfberry in a thermos when they are getting older. This is because wolfberry has certain benefits to the body, but it has no effect on blood sugar. It can only improve the body’s immunity. Strength, used to regulate blood lipids and anti-aging. But when paired with a nutrient, it is a very good hypoglycemic recipe.

The three academicians declared: fasting blood sugar is 18, medlar and “it” drink for 35 days, blood sugar drops

Nutrients of wolfberry

In ancient China, two Chinese herbal medicines, wolfberry and rhodiola, were often used to “lower blood sugar”. In fact, this is what is now called diabetes. Red leaf chromium oil contains the extracts of these two medicines, which can help. To the double hypoglycemic effect, it plays an active role in regulating the level of glucose metabolism and lipid metabolism, and astragalus is also helpful in enhancing human myocardial contractility, can promote blood circulation, and play an important role in the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. To the preventive effect.

In addition, the chromium element in wolfberry is very rich, and it is naturally vigorous. Chromium is an essential trace element in the human body. When it is lacking, it will cause abnormal glucose tolerance, so chromium yeast can enhance people to a certain extent. The insulin effect stimulates insulin secretion to lower blood sugar level.

In addition, diabetic patients must develop good living habits, stay away from tobacco and alcohol, eat more green vegetables, and at the same time strengthen their own physical exercises, which can not only improve the body’s immunity, but also improve the body’s metabolic capacity It stimulates the function of islets and promotes blood circulation, which is very important for health.

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