Drone or wolfberry, which one is the favorite Chinese product

“The most healthy” black wolfberry, “also very healthy” foot bucket, “100 eat not tired of” big spicy strip, “high-end” UAV What is the existence of these magical Chinese products in the eyes of “everyone”? Which is the most attractive?

On November 28, CCTV news “relativity” entered a special live broadcast with goods. During the overseas promotion season, the foreign research association decided to extend Chinese wolfberry to overseas e-commerce platforms with the mode of live delivery and delivery that has emerged in China. E-commerce platforms at home and abroad are quite different, and netizens are also curious about what kind of domestic products can be sold overseas. So we have an interactive guess with Xingyue. Xingyue thinks that it is the most likely to become the “hot money” overseas!
Star Yue is from America and has lived in China for 4 years. Her speculation about overseas online celebrities has broken some “impressions”. For example, many people think that foreigners like to try new things, but Xingyue thinks that the taste of snail powder is “relatively high for foreign countries”; UAVs are easy to operate, but considering the price, “not everyone will place an order”; if Xingyue’s favorite wolfberry is searched on the overseas e-commerce platform, it does sell well, and the reviews of different brands are about 2300, far surpassing the snail Vermicelli and spicy strips. “Americans also attach great importance to health. They can put medlar in juice to resist oxidation. They will feel very healthy. His favorite product is wolfberry, because it’s good for your health. “

Gao is an Israeli. He has been in China for 12 years. His answer is different from that of Xingyue.
Gao Yousi likes spicy strips very much, but when he does street shopping, he finds that most foreigners can’t accept its spicy degree. Gao Yousi thinks that foreigners don’t know the use of wolfberry, and that the UAV with a strong sense of technology is the most popular product in his eyes. When he heard that star Yue introduced that Americans would put medlar in juice, he was a little surprised. The answer was obviously beyond his cognitive range.
After a four and a half hour live broadcast with goods, although the sales data of overseas e-commerce platforms have not been updated, Gao Yousi predicts that the gap from the flag of “100 people consuming 10000 US dollars in total” will not be too far. “Now, I think I’ve passed. I spent a lot of time learning about these products. It’s like falling in love. I’m not familiar with them at the beginning, but I feel it gradually. “
This live broadcast with goods for North American users is their first attempt at overseas e-commerce platforms, with many adventures and explorations. For example, in the theory of relativity, Xing Yue highly recommended the electric kettle with Gao Yousi: “we really don’t drink hot water, but sometimes my mother makes tea and other drinks and puts the water cup directly in the micro wave furnace. The hot pot is obviously more convenient. Why don’t we use it? “
When “relativity” asked whether it would continue to live with goods in the future, Gao Yousi replied: “yes, but we must reflect on it. Maybe we should cultivate overseas fans through short videos, establish the concept of promoting Chinese products in the minds of foreigners, and then cooperate with the live broadcast.”

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