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Chinese wolfberry and milk health porridge
Raw materials: 100g rice, 500g milk, 50g medlar
Preparation method: wash the rice, add water and boil it on a high fire. When the rice is boiled on a low fire, pour in milk and stir well. Continue to cook on a low fire for 40-50 minutes. It can be eaten directly or added with sugar or salt according to taste.
Efficacy: It can replenish qi and fluid, nourish stomach and muscle.
Adaptation: It is suitable for stomach disease with insufficient qi and yin, namely, stomach disease patients with shortness of breath, fatigue, dry mouth and internal heat, and also for patients with upper gastrointestinal bleeding.
Pisces Soup
Raw materials: 100g anthocyanin, 100g fresh houttuynia cordata
Preparation method: Soak the flower glue in water for half a day, cut it into thin shreds, add 1500 ml of water, bring it to a boil on high heat, boil it on low heat for about 50 minutes, and then add fresh houttuynia cordata to boil for 10 minutes. After seasoning, eat the flower glue and drink it hot.
Efficacy: Clearing stomach, promoting muscle growth and relieving pain.
Adaptation: Patients with stomach heat, that is, patients who often feel a burning sensation in their stomach and who suffer from upper gastrointestinal bleeding due to heat. Pork Tripe Soup with Peppers
Ingredients: one fresh pork tripe, 15g white pepper
Method: Break the pepper, put it into the cleaned pork belly, tie the cut of the pork belly with string, put it into the casserole and cook it slowly until soft, put a little coriander in the soup to taste, pick up the pork belly, discard the pepper, eat the meat and drink the soup.
Efficacy: Warming the spleen, harmonizing stomach pain.
Adaptation: Patients with stomach cold, such as those who often have diarrhea due to eating cold food.
Buddha’s Hand Congee for Nourishing Stomach
Raw materials: 10-15g bergamot, 50-100g japonica rice, some rock sugar
Preparation method: remove the residue of bergamot decoction, and then add japonica rice and rock sugar to cook it as porridge.
Adaptation: patients with liver depression and stomach distension.
Cuisine: Wax gourd and grass carp soup
Process: cooking
Taste: salty and delicious
Category: Nourishing deficiency, nourishing body, recuperating spleen, appetizing stomach, recuperating liver, recuperating coronary heart disease, recuperating stomach, recuperating stomach
Main ingredient: 500g winter melon 250g grass carp
Seasoning: 10 g yellow rice wine, 3 g salt, 8 g green onions, 5 g ginger, 15 g lard (refined), appropriate amount

  1. Remove the scales and internal organs of grass carp, wash them, and put them into the pot.
  2. Peel and flesh the wax gourd, cut it into pieces, and add it to the fish pot with cooking wine, salt, onion (cut into sections), ginger (sliced), and lard; Pour chicken soup into it, cook until the fish is cooked and rotten, and then pick out the onions and ginger.
    Health Tips
  3. This soup is made of wax gourd, which is used to clear heat and detoxify, facilitate water and reduce swelling, and grass carp, which is used to balance the liver, dispel wind, replenish the middle, and facilitate water. The emphasis is on clearing and relieving asthma.
  4. It is often used for high blood pressure, headache caused by hyperactivity of liver yang, or diseases such as turbid phlegm, dizziness, fatigue and edema. It can also be used as health food in summer and autumn.
    Medicated Diet for Hypertension
    dietary nutrition
    Wax gourd: Wax gourd contains a variety of vitamins and essential trace elements, which can regulate the metabolic balance of the human body. Wax gourd is cold in nature. It can nourish the stomach, promote fluid production, clear stomach fire, reduce people’s appetite, and promote the body to convert the sediment and sugar into heat energy instead of fat. Therefore, wax gourd is an ideal vegetable for obese people. At the same time, wax gourd has the effect of anti-aging. Eating it for a long time can keep your skin white and smooth, and keep your body healthy. In addition, the wax gourd has a good heat clearing effect. Eating more winter melon in summer can not only quench thirst, relieve heat, diuresis, but also prevent people from having boils. Because it is diuretic and contains very little sodium, it is a good detumescence product for chronic renal salt edema, dystrophic edema and pregnant women’s edema.
    Grass carp: Grass carp is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which is good for blood circulation and is a good food for cardiovascular patients; Grass carp is rich in selenium, which can be used frequently to fight against aging and beautify the skin, and can also prevent and treat tumors; It also has the effects of warming the stomach, calming the liver and expelling wind, treating arthralgia, intercepting malaria, and benefiting the intestines and eyes. It mainly cures fatigue, headache due to wind deficiency, hyperactivity of liver yang, hypertension, headache, and chronic malaria.
    Cuisine: Chinese yam and wolfberry porridge
    Process: cooking
    Taste: original taste
    Category: kidney recuperation recuperation urinary calculi nephritis recuperation
    Main ingredient: 100g japonica rice
    Accessories: 60 g Chinese yam (dry), 30 g Chinese wolfberry
    Manufacturing process
  5. Fry Chinese yam and Chinese wolfberry for juice;
  6. Boil the juice and rice into porridge.
    Edible method
    Eat it for breakfast and dinner.
    Health Tips
  7. Nourish the liver and kidney, benefit the essence and brighten the eyes.
  8. It is applicable to deficiency of labor and essence, backache, dizziness, etc. due to liver and kidney insufficiency.
    dietary nutrition
    Japonica rice: Japonica rice can improve human immune function and promote blood circulation, thus reducing the chance of hypertension; Japonica rice can prevent diabetes, beriberi, senile plaque, constipation and other diseases; The coarse fiber molecules in the rice bran layer of japonica rice can help the gastrointestinal peristalsis, and have good effects on stomach diseases, constipation, hemorrhoids, etc.
    Recipes are mutually exclusive
    Japonica rice: Japonica rice should not be eaten with horse meat and honey; Do not eat it with Xanthium sibiricum, or it will cause heartache.
    Chinese yam (dried): Chinese yam is poisonous and sweet. It can’t be taken with alkaline drugs.
    Lycium barbarum: Lycium barbarum should not be eaten together with too many warm tea supplements such as longan, red ginseng, jujube, etc.

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