Eat wolfberry? Many people eat the wrong thing

Studies have confirmed that wolfberry is rich in nutrients and a variety of pharmacological components, and has the effects of regulating immunity, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and reducing blood lipids.

Goji berries are rich in nutrients, and many people like to use it to soak in water, but if the wolfberry is soaked in the wrong way, the nutrition will be greatly reduced! Come take a look at the wolfberry water you have soaked in these years, is it right?

Soaking wolfberry in water, remember “two must and two not”

Wash the wolfberry first

Before eating wolfberry, this step must not be omitted-washing, because wolfberry may be contaminated with dust and bacteria during the drying and packaging process, so it is best to wash it before eating.

Cleaning method: Pour goji berries into a bowl, add water, add a spoonful of flour, stir a little, let stand for 2 minutes, remove goji berries, and finally rinse with water. The wolfberry washed out in this way is cleaner.

I want to eat the wolfberry

When some people drink medlar soaked in water, they are accustomed to drinking the water, but they relentlessly feed the remaining medlar in the cup to the trash can.

It’s no exaggeration to say that you just threw away Bao! Because some nutrients contained in wolfberry, such as zeaxanthin, carotene, etc., are insoluble in water, the health effects of drinking water are actually very limited.

The correct approach is: After drinking the soaked wolfberry, remember to chew the rest of the wolfberry and swallow it together! Don’t waste it.

Do not use boiling water to brew directly

Freshly boiled water is not suitable for brewing goji berries. Excessive water temperature will easily destroy the nutrition of goji berries.

The water suitable for soaking wolfberry is warm water, more accurately, it is 60℃-70℃ water. It is recommended that after boiling the water, let the water dry, and then add the wolfberry to brew when it is not so hot.

Don’t eat too much a day

Wolfberry is a good thing, especially suitable for people with weak physique, poor body resistance, and often staying up late, but you must eat a little every day and stick to it for a long time to achieve satisfactory health effects.

For healthy adults, about 15 grams per day is more appropriate. This amount is almost a small handful if you are good at it. If you eat too much every day, it is easy to cause excessive nourishment and cause some symptoms of burning in the body.

Eat wolfberry, you can also try dry chewing

In fact, many people don’t know that in the matter of eating wolfberry, dry chewing can exert the health effect of wolfberry better than soaking in water.

After washing the wolfberry, throw it directly into your mouth and chew. This way of eating will more fully absorb the nutrients in the wolfberry, and the taste is acceptable.

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