Every day Chinese wolfberry, I can live to 99 years old?

Centenarians and wolfberry

It is believed that many people know the nutritional value of wolfberry, which is absolutely excellent. Wolfberry contains a small amount of protein and mineral calcium, potassium and zinc. In addition, the content of vitamin A and dietary fiber in wolfberry is quite high.

So, wolfberry as a snack, health food to eat, it is absolutely excellent, eat more is very good for the body. But is wolfberry really as magical as we think?

In China, Lycium barbarum (wolfberry), has been exaggerated and publicized as having health care value, but it can not treat all diseases. We should have a considerable view of Lycium barbarum and a scientific understanding of the medicinal value of Lycium barbarum. But in Qinghai, China, there are many centenarians who often eat Chinese wolfberry every day

Lycium barbarum (wolfberry) has a high nutritional value, but it is not correct to believe that it can cure all diseases and improve sexual desire.
No food or medicine can live to 99 years old every day. Good health depends on reasonable diet, enough exercise and sleep.
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