Everyone says goji berries are good, but eating goji berries like this is effective

In addition to soaking porridge in water, Europe and the United States have also developed wolfberry sauce, wolfberry health products, and even wolfberry face cream, wolfberry mask, and wolfberry perfume, which are more expensive and popular than domestic ones. Little wolfberry, really that amazing? How to eat wolfberry to really achieve health care?

Wolfberry, where is the nutrition?

Wolfberry can be welcomed by people all over the world because of its rich nutritional value. In addition to being rich in conventional nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, wolfberry also contains some special health ingredients.

taboos of wolfberry

Wolfberry polysaccharide

Wolfberry polysaccharide is one of the most important nutritional active ingredients. A number of modern medical studies have confirmed that it has a variety of health effects such as anti-oxidation, anti-aging, immune regulation, neuroprotection, and lowering blood sugar.

Lyciic acid

Lycium barbaric acid is a unique symbolic component of Wolfberry. Studies have shown that it has the effects of whitening, anti-oxidation, anti-aging, and liver protection.

Red wolfberry is rich in zeaxanthin dipalmitate. As a carotenoid, Zeaxanthin dipalmitate can protect the liver and improve liver damage.

No matter which color of wolfberry, the brighter the color, the higher the natural pigment content, the stronger the antioxidant activity, and the more beneficial to health.

How to eat wolfberry, the most effective nutrition

Although goji berries are good, they can maximize their health effects only if they are eaten right. The following points are reminded.

1 Add vitamin C when soaking in water

The most convenient and simple way to eat wolfberry is to soak in water. Soaking wolfberry in hot water can not only soak it in a short time, but also has a certain sterilization effect, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to change color of wolfberry.

The color of wolfberry is formed by natural pigments, and discoloration means that the pigment components are destroyed and the nutritional value is reduced. In fact, the pigment of wolfberry will be destroyed in alkaline environment or oxidized.

◆ The easiest way is to put a tablet of vitamin C in the water, which can adjust the acidity and prevent oxidation.

2After soaking in water and boiling the soup, chew and eat the wolfberry

Many people like to use wolfberry to soak in water, make soup or porridge, and then drink the water to drink the soup, but discard the wolfberry along with the tea or residue.

As everyone knows, it is impossible to effectively absorb all the beneficial ingredients in wolfberry. Many healthy ingredients are not soluble in water, so just soaking in water or boiling soup can’t be completely released. Therefore, to take advantage of the health effects of wolfberry, soak the wolfberry in water and chew the wolfberry fruit together.

◆ In addition to soaking in water, cooking porridge, and soup, you can also mix wolfberries in salad, yogurt, and oatmeal before eating. Adding wolfberries to muffins, biscuits, and oat bran pancakes is also a good way to eat.

3 find a good partner for wolfberry

Wolfberry is very versatile. It can be soaked in water with chrysanthemum, honeysuckle, fat sea, rock sugar, etc., can also be made into soup with Sydney, lily, white fungus, hawthorn, etc., and can also be cooked with japonica rice, longan, yam, etc. Porridge.

◆ For example, you can make 20 medlars and 5 dried chrysanthemums together with water.

4 Eat 15 wolfberries a day

Wolfberry is especially suitable for people with weak constitution, poor resistance, eye fatigue, etc., but people with yin deficiency constitution should also pay attention to the dosage of wolfberry. Because wolfberry is sweet and mild, excessive dosage may cause getting angry.

◆ Eating wolfberry must be persistent for a long time, and eat it every day to be effective. For healthy people, it is recommended to eat 10-20 grams (a small handful) a day.

How to pick good goji berries

If you want to get the health benefits of goji berries, it is also very important to choose. It is recommended that you do the following.

The media once revealed that the market is now full of wolfberries with excessive pesticide residues and colored with sulfur or chemical agents. Such wolfberries are harmless to the body.

It is recommended that you buy a large brand with a good reputation through formal channels, and the quality of its products is more guaranteed. Among them, organic products are safer.

Look at the place of origin

When it comes to wolfberry, people think of Ningxia, which is known as the “hometown of wolfberry”. In fact, the hometown of wolfberry is not in Ningxia, but in the Qaidam Basin.

Qinghai wolfberry is also called firewood. Its main producing area is located in the Qaidam Basin and the foot of Kunlun Mountain. It has an average altitude of 2700 meters, annual precipitation of 50-80 mm, and sunshine duration of up to 15 hours.

Wolfberry is a strong positive plant, the stronger the sunshine intensity, the better the growth, the larger the flower volume, the higher the fruit setting rate, and the larger the fruit size.

Discern carefully

When choosing goji berries, you must distinguish them carefully to buy real high-quality goji berries.

◆ One look: Good wolfberry looks dark red, but it is not overly bright and has no blackheads.

◆ Second smell: Smoked wolfberry with sulfur can make its color brighter. Smoked wolfberry generally smells sour or irritating. The real good wolfberry has no pungent smell and exudes the sweet and sour aroma of wolfberry itself.

◆ Three taste: Good wolfberry tastes sweet but not greasy, with a slightly sour taste, and a bit astringent and bitter aftertaste.

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